The 10-Second Commute
New Realities of Virtual Work
by Terri R. Kurtzberg and Mason Ameri
October 2022, 188pp, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7880-0
$45, £35, 40€, A62
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-7881-7
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Remote work is here to stay: 98% of people say they would like to be able to work remotely (at least partially) for the remainder of their career.

Virtual work, which was steadily on the rise even before the pandemic, is explored in this timely book that describes the impact of technology on our work experiences, ranging from the individual psychological level to the broad societal implications.

Widespread remote work is now possible, but it comes with its share of frustrations. Virtual work has changed our lives in ways big and small, from trying to balance our time to what we wear and where we sit and from how we communicate to where we should look during a videoconference. It’s also fundamentally changed what kinds of jobs we can now do.

Grounded in research and including lively personal anecdotes, The 10-Second Commute provides a thoughtful and comprehensive scan of the nature of virtual work. The authors, both researchers in management and technology, explore the current questions of our virtual lives, such as: Why Zoom instead of Skype? Why are emojis so useful? Why is videoconferencing so exhausting? How does diversity at work both help and hinder productivity? Virtual work is more than just work—it permeates our whole lives, and it will continue to do so as hybrid work arrangements become the new normal. Helping readers better understand the virtual work experience, this book will engage and inform everyone who is still trying to make it work.


  • Discusses the conflicting roles of work and home lives that can create challenges when working from home
  • Provides commentary on the big changes in our society based on virtual work, such as the gig economy and the rise and fall of new innovations in technology
  • Includes interviews with relevant experts on all facets of remote work, including architecture, programming, fashion, telemedicine, law, education, tech entrepreneurship, online recruiting, and leading virtual teams
  • Discusses how colleagues form and maintain working relationships online
  • Explores the pain points of videoconferencing, such as Zoom fatigue, virtual background and clothing choices, visual gaze, language and emotion online, and the complications of the self-view
  • Identifies trends with respect to choosing space to work in, whether at the kitchen table, a coffee shop, or a dedicated remote workspace
Terri R. Kurtzberg, PhD, is professor of management and global business at Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick. Her areas of expertise include negotiation strategies and persuasion tactics, electronic communication, distraction, and virtual teams. Kurtzberg’s research has been quoted in such media outlets as The New York Times, Fortune, Time,, and on the BBC World Service. She is the recipient of multiple teaching and research awards, including Rutgers University’s most prestigious teaching honor. She is the co-author of, most recently, ABC-CLIO's Negotiating at Home: Essential Steps for Reaching Agreement with Your Kids (with Mary C. Kern).

Mason Ameri, PhD, is associate professor of professional practice at Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick. He specializes in managing diversity, mainly examining equal opportunity for people with disabilities. Ameri has shared his research findings at distinguished conferences hosted by The World Bank and TEDx. He has also advised the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Department of Labor, and National Labor Relations Board on disability access topics including the gig economy, clean energy jobs, and unionization. He has earned numerous awards, including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Innovations.


"Recommended. Advanced undergraduates through faculty; professionals."—Choice, April 1, 2023

"In a post-pandemic world, navigating the new normal of work is a challenge for many of us. The 10-Second Commute offers a smart take on approaching virtual work when we need it most—sharing thoughtful insight into this moment."—Whitney Pennington Rodgers, TED’s Current Affairs Curator

"Virtual work will unlock a whole new realm of wealth for humankind. But harvesting the benefits while sidestepping the drawbacks will require us all to become literate in the nuances of a hybrid life. The authors of The 10-Second Commute explore this timely topic from so many helpful angles that anyone who plans to participate in virtual work this century should give it a read."—Adrian Colarusso, CFA, CFP®, Wealth Advisor, Target Rock Wealth Management

"The 10-Second Commute is a must-read. The future of remote work, and indeed of all virtual interactions, is being shaped now. This book holds key insights to help us make critically important decisions today that will determine how we experience the world tomorrow."—Aïko Thurlow, CEO, InFounders

"Drs. Kurtzberg and Ameri prove, through informed insight, that the unintentional transformation to work from home is not only ‘not bad,’ but it can have positive side effects like sparking creativity. It turns out, working from home requires its own literacy. Chapter after chapter, I discovered that my struggles went from feeling unique to being universal and that I could confidently be productive even after going to work meant staying at home."—Len Weinman, Supply Chain, Valcor Engineering
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