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The 1960s Cultural Revolution
Facts and Fictions
by Joel P. Rhodes
September 2022, 256pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-7629-5
$63, £47, 55€, A86
Available for purchase 30 days prior to publication.

Much of the prevailing wisdom on the 1960s cultural revolution was introduced into the discussion during the decade itself and in the years immediately after, when tempers were still running pretty high.

This book uses evidence-based primary source analysis to provide students with the historical perspective necessary to think critically about the romantic memories, stubborn stereotypes, misperceptions, deliberate falsehoods, distorted myths, and old grudges that distort our popular perceptions of the 1960s.

Twenty-first century Americans routinely use the 1960s as a metaphor, a sort of convenient shorthand, for the cultural wars—that continuous clash over differing values, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles—still bitterly polarizing the nation. Therefore, understanding the 1960s cultural revolution is critical to understanding ourselves. What this book contributes to that conversation is needed historical perspective with evidence-based primary source analysis.

Ten chapters shed light on ordinarily overlooked aspects of the period, challenge stubborn misconceptions, and explore the enduring legacy of the 1960s. Primary source material—both written and visual—is drawn from archival holdings, newspapers, published proceedings, oral histories, and memoirs in order to present a balanced, accessible examination of mistaken beliefs and the historical truths.


  • Features 10 chapters, arranged topically and chronologically, covering 10 misconceptions related to the 1960s cultural revolution
  • Highlights source material drawn from archival holdings, newspapers, published proceedings, oral histories, and memoirs
  • Includes photographs that make the material accessible across a wide range of grade levels
  • Explores how the 1960s cultural revolution continues to influence America in such examples as LGBTQ Pride, Black Lives Matter, Me Too, environmentalism, disability rights, and modern conservatism
Joel P. Rhodes, PhD, is professor of history at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO. He authored The Vietnam War in American Childhood, Growing Up in a Land Called Honalee: The Sixties in the Lives of American Children, and Praeger's The Voice of Violence: Performative Violence as Protest in the Vietnam Era. His articles and chapters have appeared in On the Ground: The Black Panther Party in Communities Across America, Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, ABC-CLIO's Girlhood in America: An Encyclopedia, Missouri Historical Review, and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Studies.

Historical Facts and Fictions

Did Nero really fiddle while Rome burned? Did the Egyptians really worship animals and gods with animal heads? History is full of misconceptions that have been passed down as historical facts and become rooted in the popular imagination. This series explores historical fictions and what we now believe to be historical truths. Each book focuses on a particular topic, such as a period, event, civilization, movement, religion, or person, and explores roughly 10 misconceptions. Chapters summarize the misconception, discuss how it arose and was propagated, and explain what is now taken as historical fact. The series helps readers think critically about the past and prepares them to be equally critical of the present.
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