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Kids’ Books and Maker Activities
150 Perfect Pairings
by Marge Cox
November 2022, 320pp, 8 1/2x11
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-4408-7567-0
$55, £41, 48€, A75
Available for purchase 30 days prior to publication.
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-7568-7
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Use books to create maker activities that help kids love to read!

This book connects to the new AASL standards, ISTE Standards for Students, and provides simple directions for using a variety of books to create maker activities that deepen the reading experience.

Books and maker activities help children to associate reading with hands-on learning. For educators looking for additional ways to engage youngsters in reading and maker activities, this book provides the perfect hands-on connection.

Providing connections to the new AASL standards and the ISTE Standards for Students with simple directions for using a variety of books to create maker activities, this book can help elementary teachers and librarians to enhance and deepen the reading experience. Featured books represent a variety of genres for kindergarten through sixth-grade students and highlights very current titles as well as classics.

The book is based on actual experiences with students and staff who have enjoyed and benefited from these activities in their elementary school library. The author’s forty years of educational experience ensure the reliability and practicality of this resource that readers can trust and use every day.


  • Helps readers to see how a variety of genres can be connected to maker activities
  • Shows readers how makerspaces can be created economically
  • Draws connections from AASL and ISTE standards to maker activities
Marge Cox served as library media specialist at Veterans Memorial Elementary School and is now an independent educational consultant. Author of The Elementary School Library Makerspace: A Start-Up Guide and coauthor of The Library Media Specialist in the Writing Process, she has also written numerous book reviews and presented at conferences. She is a three-time Teacher of Distinction for Collier County Public Schools, and her school is a two-time winner of the Florida Power Library Award and the 2016 AASL School Library Program of the Year Award.


Books and makerspaces are a perfect marriage. But, where do you start? This book is the answer! All the resources, connections, and ideas are right there in easy-to-read pages for BOTH school librarians and students with current and relevant books! A must have for all elementary school librarian’s lesson planning needs.—Carl A. Harvey II, Associate Professor of School Librarianship, Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia

This is the tool every librarian has been looking for and needs. Marge Cox created a phenomenal and invaluable resource with an abundance of ideas to level up your library programming. Whether you are looking for inspiration for STEAM lesson, family events, or makerspace activities, this is your must-have, go-to resource.—Leslie B. Preddy, School Librarian

Finally! A 21st century approach to fostering a love of literature with hands on opportunities to connect the reading with science, technology, engineering, art, and math! This approach fosters a love of learning through collaboration and imagination. I have witnessed firsthand how students in my own 2nd grade classroom have learned from one another and how students with varying abilities, gifts, and talents have equal access to learning and literacy. —Janice Iacovino, 2nd Grade Teacher, Veteran's Memorial Elementary School, Naples, Florida

Kids’ Books and Maker Activities provides a wealth of information on book pairings and activities that makes it perfect for classroom teachers and school librarians. It provides detailed plans that can’t easily be found anyplace else! What a great tool for designing your lessons!—Robyn Young, School Librarian, Avon High School, Avon, Indiana
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