Negotiating at Home
Essential Steps for Reaching Agreement with Your Kids
by Terri R. Kurtzberg and Mary C. Kern
June 2020, 177pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6810-8
$39, £29, 34€, A53
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-6811-5
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On average, we disagree with our kids six times a day and 182 times a month. Parents only feel they are successful in handling these disagreements about half the time.

Why do parents who can pull off multi-million dollar deals at work then go home and stumble with their kids?

Parents spend an awful lot of time negotiating with their kids—over everyday requests, rules and policies, and big decisions, and often end up derailed and frustrated. In Negotiating at Home, Kurtzberg and Kern offer parents a chance to look more closely at what they already do well (and why) and what can be done better. Grounded in decades of research on how to negotiate effectively, parents will learn about how to plan, recognize specific tactics, communicate and work in partnerships with other family members, address fairness, and handle conflict.


  • Real stories and examples generated from interviews with hundreds of parents demonstrating the common patterns and "pain points"
  • Strategies to avoid predictable pitfalls
  • Specific tips for mastering the immediate moment and paving the way for future successes
  • A guide for kids to learn the basic rules of effective negotiating for use in their own lives
Terri R. Kurtzberg, PhD, is associate professor of management and global business at Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick. Her areas of expertise include negotiation strategies and tactics, electronic communication and distraction, virtual teams, and organizational creativity. She is author of Virtual Teams: Mastering Communication and Collaboration in the Digital Age and coauthor of The Essentials of Job Negotiations: Proven Strategies for Getting What You Want (with Charles E. Naquin) and Distracted: Staying Connected without Losing Focus (with Jennifer C. Gibbs).

Mary C. Kern, PhD, is an associate professor of management at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York. Her teaching, research, and advisory work is focused on negotiation, team performance, and conflict resolution. She has consulted with organizations spanning from environmental advocacy to banking in the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan. Kern has received numerous awards for her teaching and research, including the Baruch College Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Teaching. Through her teaching she aims to inspire her students so they can master the art in practice and pass the impact forward.


"Easily assimilated, useful guidance for parents seeking to create a more harmonious home environment."—Kirkus Reviews, June 29, 2020

"I have been waiting for this book. It is a treasure of memorable stories and evidence-based takeaways that every parent will put to use immediately. As a parent and teacher/scholar of negotiations for 15+ years, I only wish I had this clear and compassionate guide sooner. "—Dolly Chugh, Author of The Person You Mean to Be and Associate Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business

"Kurtzberg and Kern have written an invaluable guide for every parent who wants to improve communication with their children. They invite us to listen—really listen—to the interests of those we love and take their interests seriously. It can be shockingly difficult to let go of our assumptions, wishes, and opinions to really hear what our kids are saying when we find ourselves at odds. This book shows how."—Don A. Moore, Author of Perfectly Confident and Professor at the University of California-Berkeley

"Although the managers I teach in executive education do as much negotiating at home with family as they do at work, translating how to negotiate interests and when to use rights, rules, or power from the workplace to the home front is not trivial. At last, a book I can enthusiastically recommend, for parents, teens, and tweens, that makes that translation for you."—Jeanne M. Brett, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University, author of Negotiating Globally

"With dozens of relatable real-world examples of interactions between parents and children (“so it’s not just me?”), and a clear, solid foundation of behavioral theory, Negotiating at Home lays out a plethora of strategies and a robust framework for parents to make informed, logical decisions regarding how they can more effectively negotiate with their children. In fact, Negotiating at Home is a tremendously insightful and worthwhile book for people of all ages, and it is applicable both inside and outside the home for all those who interact with other human beings." —Menachem (Chemmie) Sokolic, Technical Director of Due Diligence Services, Matrix New World Engineering
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