Power Searching the Internet
The Librarian's Quick Guide
by Nicole Hennig
December 2018, 103pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-4408-6697-5
$40, £31, 35€, A55
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-6698-2
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Practical tips to make internet searches faster and more effective—-for you and your patrons.

Learn how to help your library patrons deepen their internet searches to more effectively find information, images, videos, statistics, maps, books, definitions, translations, and more.

You know how to dash off a quick Google search, but do you know how to go further with your searching to get everything you actually need?

Written in an engaging, conversational tone, this handy guide introduces you to shortcuts and some of the hidden features and filters offered by many search tools—such as limiting by site, domain, or date—and to several free but little-known search tools. With concrete examples and practical how-to tips, you’ll learn to effectively search Google, Wolfram Alpha, social media platforms, and other internet search tools—and how to teach your patrons to do the same. The information comprised in this volume can be easily shared with patrons to help them in their searches and may be used in information literacy courses.


  • Conduct more effective Google searches
  • Become familiar with hidden features and filters offered by many search tools
  • Learn about several different free search tools and when to use each
  • Teach patrons practices to independently find information
Nicole Hennig, an independent user experience professional, helps librarians and educators to effectively use technology through her online courses, books, and webinars. She worked for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries for 14 years as web manager and head of user experience. She has won several awards, including the MIT Libraries Infinite Mile Award for Innovation and Creativity and the MIT Excellence Award for Innovative Solutions. Hennig is author of several books, including Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies: Best Practices for Librarians and Apps for Librarians: Using the Best Mobile Technology to Educate, Create, and Engage.


"A particularly good resource for librarians who educate patrons about search habits, it reveals new sides to services that many people already know about."—American Libraries, January 2, 2020
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