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Women and Education
Global Lives in Focus
by Erin Kenny
January 2024, 240pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6548-0
$65, £50, 57€, A90
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Social scientists agree that investment in the education of women and girls yields important returns for the improved well-being of communities, yet many lack access to educational opportunities.

This volume captures how women's education is shaped by the lived context of women and girls around the world, focusing on the cultural construction of gender, political economy, religion, and history.

In some parts of the world, women’s education remains a controversial topic, and many girls are not allowed equal access or any access at all to schooling. This volume examines what education is like for women and girls across the globe.

This book examines in regional chapters such topics as early marriage and child brides, safety and sexual vulnerability of schoolgirls, and cultural and religious opposition to girls’ schooling in the non-West, in addition to the added burdens of managing menstruation at school and the disruption of armed conflict and violence in war-torn nations. Such topics as machismo, backlash to girls’ success, and sexual harassment in educational environments are covered too.

Written by a cultural anthropologist, the book shows how cultural perspectives about women’s education impact the daily lives of girls and women. It provides context for how the lives of women in those countries may be shaped by political economy, religion, and history. High school students, undergraduates, and general readers will be able to make cross-cultural comparisons of women’s education around the world.


  • Case studies from all over the world allow readers to draw cross-cultural comparisons
  • Chapters provide historical background on the topic of women and education in order to help readers better understand circumstances today
  • Sidebars placed throughout the text offer insights to make the reader's experience more enriching
  • A Chronology provides readers with at-a-glance information of the history of women's education around the world
  • Photographs help to illustrate and support the text
Erin Kenny, PhD, is a professor of cultural anthropology at Missouri State University. She is coauthor of Beauty around the World: A Cultural Encyclopedia.

Women and Society around the World

Women make up half of the population of the world, yet their roles in society and the issues they face differ far greatly from those of their male counterparts. In some corners of the world, women are deemed unworthy of an education; in other areas, women scientists are pioneers in their fields. This series investigates key topics that are important to women’s lives around the world, from education and politics to violence and employment.

Each volume in the series encompasses a global view of contemporary women, with chapters designed to focus on each world region. Regions discussed include North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania. While chapters discuss each region in general, specific examples of key traditions and customs help to shed light on cultural nuances among countries within each region. High school and general readers will be able to make cross-cultural comparisons, learning how views of women differ from culture to culture, how and why women face issues that men do not, and steps that are being taken to combat these challenges. A chronology, bibliography, and sidebars highlighting key women round out these introductory chapter books.


  • Preface [+/-1,000 words]
  • Introduction [+/-3,000 words]
  • Chronology [+/-2,000 words]
  • Chapter 1: North America [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 2: Latin America and the Caribbean [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 3: Europe [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 4: North Africa and the Middle East [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 5: Sub-Saharan Africa [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 6: Central and East Asia [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 7: South and Southeast Asia [+/- 10,000]
  • Chapter 8: Oceania [+/- 10,000]
  • Bibliography [+/-2,000 words]
  • 20 Sidebars [+/-2,000 words]
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