What You Need to Know about Autism
by Christopher M. Cumo
November 2018, 160pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6292-2
$45, £35, 40€, A62
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-6293-9
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According to the CDC, approximately one in 59 American children has autism, and that number may be on the rise.

This book offers an accessibly written introduction to autism that make it an indispensable resource for anyone whose life has been affected—directly or indirectly—by this condition.

Autism is a spectrum of developmental disorders that can range from mild to severe. Individuals with autism often have difficulties with communication, social interaction, and sensory processing, and may engage in repetitive or restricted behaviors. Beyond this definition, however, what finer points and real-life implications of these disorders do individuals and families affected by autism need to know?

What You Need to Know about Autism is a part of Greenwood’s Inside Diseases and Disorders series. This series profiles a variety of physical and psychological conditions, distilling and consolidating vast collections of scientific knowledge into concise, readable volumes. A list of “Top 10” essential questions begins each book, providing quick-access answers to readers’ most pressing concerns. The text follows a standardized,easily navigable structure, with each chapter exploring a particular facet of the topic. In addition to covering basics such as causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, books in this series delve into issues that are less commonly addressed but still critical to understand, such as effects on loved ones and caregivers. Case illustrations highlight key themes discussed in the book and are accompanied by insightful analyses and recommendations.


  • Approaches the subject in a holistic manner, covering often-overlooked areas such as societal perceptions and impacts on family and friends
  • Provides quick answers to the questions that readers are most likely to have in an Essential Questions section that also serves as a springboard for understanding the content of the book in greater depth
  • Provides relatable, real-world examples of concepts discussed in Case Illustrations
  • Points readers toward useful books, organizations, and websites in an annotated Directory of Resources guiding further study and research
Christopher M. Cumo,, PhD, is a historian with interests in science and medicine. His previous books with ABC-CLIO include Science and Technology in 20th-Century American Life, Foods That Changed History: How Foods Shaped Civilization from the Ancient World to the Present, and The Ongoing Columbian Exchange: Stories of Biological and Economic Transfer in World History. He also edited the Encyclopedia of Cultivated Plants: From Acacia to Zinnia.

Inside Diseases and Disorders

Greenwood’s Inside Diseases and Disorders series explores some of the key diseases and disorders, both physical and psychological, affecting the world today. Each book examines a condition holistically, covering such topics as signs and symptoms, causes and risk factors, diagnosis and management, and prevention. They also address broader issues of vital importance, including the effects on family and friends and medical and societal controversies related to the condition. Every book lists 10 “essential questions” readers are likely to have and features engaging case studies that offer real-world insights.
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