Criminal Justice in America
The Encyclopedia of Crime, Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections [2 volumes]
by Carla Lewandowski and Jeff Bumgarner, Editors
November 2020, 779pp, 7x10
2 volumes, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-6262-5
$214, £165, 187€, A294
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eBook Available: 978-1-4408-6263-2
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Despite public opinion polls showing that many Americans believe violent crime is on the rise, FBI statistics indicate it declined by 49 percent between 1993 and 2017.

This authoritative set provides a comprehensive overview of issues and trends in crime, law enforcement, courts, and corrections that encompass the field of criminal justice studies in the United States.

This work offers a thorough introduction to the field of criminal justice, including types of crime; policing; courts and sentencing; landmark legal decisions; and local, state, and federal corrections systems—and the key topics and issues within each of these important areas.

It provides a complete overview and understanding of the many terms, jobs, procedures, and issues surrounding this growing field of study. Another major focus of the work is to examine ethical questions related to policing and courts, trial procedures, law enforcement and corrections agencies and responsibilities, and the complexion of criminal justice in the United States in the 21st century.

Finally, this title emphasizes coverage of such politically charged topics as drug trafficking and substance abuse, immigration, environmental protection, government surveillance and civil rights, deadly force, mass incarceration, police militarization, organized crime, gangs, wrongful convictions, racial disparities in sentencing, and privatization of the U.S. prison system.


  • Approximately 300 authoritative entries on important topics pertaining to the discipline of criminal justice
  • Illuminating timeline of events in the history of criminal justice in the United States
  • Extensive general bibliography providing students with useful resources for further study
Carla Lewandowski is associate professor of law and justice studies at Rowan University. Her main research interests include homeland security, terrorism, and policing. Her most recent projects include an analysis of use of force incidents for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Transit Police as well as an evaluation of body-worn cameras in a New Jersey police department. Lewandowski teaches courses in international terrorism, race, class, ethnicity, and criminal justice as well as an introductory criminal justice course.

Jeff Bumgarner is professor of criminal justice and political science at North Dakota State University. His research interests include federal law enforcement, federal crime policy, and criminal justice administration. He is author or coauthor of several books, including Profiling and Criminal Justice in America (ABC-CLIO 2004, 2013), Federal Agents: The Growth of Federal Law Enforcement in America (Praeger, 2006), Emergency Management: A Reference Handbook (ABC-CLIO, 2008), Icons of Crime Fighting (Greenwood, 2009), Minnesota's Criminal Justice System (2016), and Federal Law Enforcement: A Primer (2013, 2018).


"This is a solid, browsable reference work that will appeal to the public and law enforcement as well as undergraduates focusing on criminology, sociology, psychology, or law."—Library Journal, February 1, 2021
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