Religious Violence Today
Faith and Conflict in the Modern World
by Michael Jerryson, Editor
July 2020, 900pp, 7x10
2 volumes, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-5990-8
$204, £152, 176€, A276
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-5991-5
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Since 2016 the FBI has tracked the rise in hate crime across the United States, and there has been a marked increase in hate crimes against Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and many other religious groups.

Through sections containing overview essays and reference entries related to particular religions, this resource explores the rise of religious violence, hate crime, and persecution around the world.

Religious violence and persecution have been growing steadily both within the United States and around the world. Drawing on the expertise of a wide range of scholars, this current and comprehensive reference helps readers understand the persecution of members of particular faiths as well as violence committed by members of those faiths. In doing so, it promotes a greater understanding of the role of religion in global politics, domestic and international terrorism, and religious bigotry.

The book contains sections on particular religious traditions from around the world. Each section begins with an overview essay surveying violence related to that particular religion, whether committed by or against members of that faith. Reference entries in each section then provide objective, fundamental information about particular topics related to violence and the religion discussed. The entries provide cross-references and suggestions for further reading, and the work closes with a bibliography of resources for further study.


  • Sections are devoted to particular religions from around the world
  • Overview essays in each section survey religious violence associated with that particular faith
  • Reference entries in each section provide current fundamental information about specific topics related to religious violence within a faith tradition
  • Excerpts from primary source documents give readers first-hand accounts of religious violence for critical analysis
  • Cross-references and suggestions for further reading direct users to related topics and additional resources
Michael Jerryson is professor of religious studies at Youngstown State University, Ohio. He is the senior editor for Oxford Handbooks Online and cofounder of the Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence Program Unit at the American Academy of Religion. Jerryson is coauthor of The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence, Violence and the World's Religious Traditions, and Buddhist Warfare. His most recent monograph is If You Meet the Buddha on the Road: Buddhism, Politics, and Violence.
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