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Food Shortage Crisis
Origins and Global Impact
by Dawn M. Drake
March 2024, 400pp, 10 x 7
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-5873-4
$107, £83, 94€, A147
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eBook Available: 978-1-4408-5874-1
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For the developing world, access to food is a daily concern.

This book covers the history, causes, solutions, and future of food shortages, allowing readers to understand that it is not just a problem for the developing world, but one in which all humans have a role.

This important reference work takes a deep look into the geographic nature of the problem of global food shortages, helping readers to understand that while this is not a problem that exists everywhere, it does touch everyone. The problem is neither new nor confined to the developing world: while it is often the people in the developing world that lack access to food, farmers in the developed world often struggle to sell their crops, and without that income, they also struggle to feed themselves.

Global Food Shortages helps readers to see the multifaceted problem of hunger and how they may fit into the problems or solutions. The book begins with an introduction to the basics of global food shortages, moves through the history of the problem, and then explains the current state of affairs. From there, it proposes solutions and takes a look into the future. This organization moves readers through the problem in a systematic and easy-to-follow manner, while also allowing them to explore each part of the issue individually.


  • Provides a view of the problem of food shortages from a geographic perspective, allowing readers to understand the issue through maps
  • Includes essays from experts at USAID—the people on the ground working to feed regions experiencing food shortages
  • Not only offers potential solutions but also explores problems created by those solutions, demonstrating the multifaceted complexities involved in food systems
  • Explains why, while there is not a global food shortage currently, that could become a reality in the future
  • Looks at not only the challenges of getting food to the hungry but also the challenges of suppliers getting food to markets
Dawn M. Drake, PhD, is associate professor in the department of history and geography at Missouri Western State University. Her research interests are in rural and agricultural geography as well as the geographic dimensions of competitive advantage in mature manufacturing. Drake won the 2014 Missouri Western State University Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence and was twice awarded research grants from the Government of Canada to study the farm machinery industry. Her latest research focuses on the challenges and opportunities for agriculture at the rural-urban fringe.
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