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An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society [2 volumes]
by Thomas M. Wilson, Editor
September 2023, 1056pp, 8 1/2x11
2 volumes, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-5544-3
$233, £180, 203€, A320
Available for purchase 30 days prior to publication.
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-5545-0
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Europe is home to 24 officially recognized languages, but an estimated 200 languages are still spoken today across the continent.

This two-volume encyclopedia profiles the contemporary culture and society of every country in Europe, exploring religion, lifestyle and leisure, standard of living, cuisine, gender roles, dress, music, architecture and more.

This authoritative and comprehensive encyclopedia provides readers with richly detailed entries on the 45 nations that comprise modern Europe. Each country profile looks at elements of contemporary life related to family and work, including popular pastimes, customs, beliefs, and attitudes. Each country essay follows the same format to allow students to make cross-cultural comparisons–for instance, a student could compare social customs in Denmark with those in Norway, compare Greece’s cuisine with that of Italy, and contrast the architecture of Paris with Amsterstam and Barcelona.

Culture and society are changing in each region and nation of Europe due to many political and economic forces, both inside and outside of each nation’s borders. This encyclopedia considers many of the transformations connected to globalization, as well as traditions that still hold strong, to provide a complete assessment of the processes that make European societies and cultures distinctive.


  • Includes 90 sidebars providing additional detail on noteworthy, notorious, or fascinating individuals, movements, events, and cultural practices across Europe.
  • Provides students with opportunity to compare and contrast specific cultural customs and traditions from nation to nation.
  • Provides a fuller understanding of the many ways in which politics and economics intersect with social and cultural change in Europe today.
  • Features contributions from leading scholars of European culture and history.
Thomas M. Wilson, PhD, is Professor of Anthropology, Binghamton University, State University of New York. Professor Wilson's research interests are in international borders, national identity, and European integration, and he is the author and editor of sixteen books in social and political anthropology. Past president of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe, of the American Anthropological Association, he has held visiting faculty positions in schools and faculties of anthropology, sociology, political science, border studies and European studies, in universities in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Canada, Finland, Lithuania, and Sweden,
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