The Portable MLIS
Insights from the Experts, 2nd Edition
by Ken Haycock and Mary-Jo Romaniuk, Editors
December 2017, 378pp, 7x10
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-4408-5203-9
$60, £47, 53€, A83
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-5204-6
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The past decade has seen huge changes in the services librarians provide, both in the delivery of those services and in the skills required. Everything you need to know is now captured in one book.

In this update of the ideal introduction to the library profession, the core competencies of professional librarians are presented in 14 essays supplemented with foundational principles and context.

The original edition of this book gained popularity as a required work for LIS because it uniquely provided a broad, accessible overview of the core curricular areas and foundations for the library profession. What distinguishes the book as an introduction to the work of professional librarians is that it’s not just about information in context or about libraries and their mission. Importantly, it also covers the required competencies of professional librarians, laying a firm foundation for future courses.

In this second edition, each chapter has been revised and updated to take into account current thinking and references. As with the first edition, the book is organized around the foundations of the profession and key functional areas. Questions such as how to think like a librarian and how to facilitate community development are specifically and explicitly addressed. In compiling the book, the editors sought out the leading thinkers, educators, and practitioners in each core area as chapter authors. Each of the contributors provides an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with their respective area of expertise, discusses current and emerging applications, and explores trends and issues.


  • Updates a core textbook and introduction to the profession that will be useful for almost all LIS programs and new librarians
  • Brings together the work of authors who are experts in various core areas
  • Provides content based on an analysis of emerging trends and issues
  • Includes key resources for further reading
Ken Haycock, EdD, is research professor of management and organization at the University of Southern California, where he directs the Center for Library Leadership and Management. A prolific writer and speaker, Haycock is the recipient of numerous awards and honors from, among others, the Association for Library and Information Science Education and the Canadian and American Library Associations. He is professor emeritus and former director at the University of British Columbia and San Jose State University.

Mary-Jo Romaniuk, PhD, is university librarian at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Romaniuk has been a lecturer at the University of Alberta, University of Southern California, and San Jose State University. She has published articles on leadership, management, and generational differences. She is a fellow of the Frye Leadership Institute and is involved with the organization of the Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute. Romaniuk holds certificates in advanced facilitation and public participation.


"The Portable MLIS lives up to its title in that it provides thoughtful insights about the full spectrum of issues confronting libraries and librarians today. The Portable MLIS is highly recommended for library school students and librarians at any point in their careers."—Public Library Quarterly, January 14, 2019

"This is a comprehensive overview of the library profession based upon core competencies. . . . Overall, this is an excellent introduction to the profession. It is recommended for those new to the profession, considering entering the profession, and current professionals looking for a reference or refresher. Recommended."—School Library Connection, May 1, 2018
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