Pop Culture in Europe
by Juliana Tzvetkova
October 2017, 414pp, 7x10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-4465-2
$107, £80, 93€, A145
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-4466-9
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Europe has supplied some of America’s favorite—and iconic—television genres and video games.

A fascinating survey of popular culture in Europe, from Celtic punk and British TV shows to Spanish fashion and Italian sports.

From One Direction and Adele to Penelope Cruz and Alexander Skarsgard, many Europeans are becoming household names in the United States. This ready-reference guide covers international pop culture spanning music, literature, movies, television and radio, the Internet, sports, video games, and fashion, from the mid-20th century through the present day.

The organization of the book—with entries arranged alphabetically within thematic chapters—allows readers to quickly find the topic they are seeking. Additionally, indexing allows for cross-cultural comparisons to be made between pop culture in Europe to that of the United States. An extensive chronology and lengthy introduction provide important contextual information, such as the United States’ influence on movies, music, and the Internet; the effect of censorship on Internet and social media use; and the history of pop culture over the years. Topics feature key musicians, songs, books, actors and actresses, movies and television shows, popular websites, top athletes, games, clothing fads and designers, and much more.


  • Makes connections between pop culture in Europe to that of the United States
  • Provides further readings and a bibliography at the end of the work
  • Includes sidebars throughout the text with additional anecdotal information
  • Features appendices with top-ten lists of songs, movies, and books
Juliana Tzvetkova, PhD, is professor of communication and language studies at Centennial College in Canada. Her published works include Culture Smart! Bulgaria and contributions to ABC-CLIO's Etiquette and Taboo Around the World: Geographic Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Customs. She received her master's and doctoral degrees from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.


"Despite the fact that the book covers such a broad swath, the 128 thematically ordered entries are cogent and concise. There is almost literally something here for everyone. . . . As one might expect from a volume devoted to popular culture, the content is not merely informative but fun. . . . Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates; general readers."—Choice, April 1, 2018
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