Growing Jobs
Transforming the Way We Approach Economic Development
by Thomas C. Tuttle
June 2016, 209pp, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-3722-7
$55, £43, 48€, A76
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-3723-4
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Old models of economic development that emphasized financial incentives and business relocation are giving way to new methods.

This compelling book provides concrete examples and practical guidelines for addressing the most serious economic challenge facing the United States and every community in the nation: growing good jobs and enabling people to function effectively in these occupations.

Each year, U.S. cities and states spend billions of dollars on incentives intended to create jobs. Are the strategies being implemented outdated? Is there a better way to create jobs? Rather than focusing on individual aspects of economic development such as entrepreneurship and start-up companies or workforce development, this book provides a comprehensive systems perspective for economic development that identifies how the new model of economic development for America is both a top-down and a bottom-up process that requires effective engagement with the community.

The book begins with a broad explanation of why economic development strategy and practices need to change, and then discusses and critiques current practices using the state of Maryland as a case example. Two in-depth case studies at the city level follow, detailing leading practices that support the proposed values-based economic development model. The final section presents a framework that policymakers can use to assess and improve their current strategies and practices along with guidelines for implementing these improvements to make them more efficient, effective, and sustainable.


  • Lays out a methodology that enables each community to find its unique path towards the common vision of an economy that works for all citizens
  • Provides suggestions for moving the community from the current system to a "transformed" economic development system
  • Presents success stories from Austin, Texas, and Dubuque, Iowa, and highlights the principles that have made these two cities' approaches effective
Thomas C. Tuttle, PhD, is president of Tuttle Group International, a strategic management consulting organization located in Annapolis, MD. He is also president of the World Academy of Productivity Science and a vice president of the World Confederation of Productivity Science. He was director of the University of Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity for 26 years, where he chaired the U.S. Senate Quality Award process and the Maryland Quality Award Program. He worked closely with the Maryland Department of Economic and Employment Development and led programs to support the competitiveness of Maryland manufacturing through productivity assessments and technical assistance to firms to accelerate their path to develop and achieve registration for their quality management systems. Tuttle assisted the Secretary of Economic Development in establishing the first Office of Technology Development within the department and served as its interim director. As a "boundary spanner," he worked with the Maryland State Department of Education and six local school districts to develop and implement quality management systems in public education. In 2011, Tuttle received the C. Jackson Grayson Distinguished Quality Pioneer Medal given by the American Productivity and Quality Center for his work as a "lifetime advocate of quality and productivity through strategic change." He is a fellow of the World Confederation of Productivity Science, a lifetime member of the American Psychological Association, and a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


“Creating quality jobs and filling them with a qualified workforce has become the challenge of our time because traditional strategies to promote economic growth have proven to be a zero sum game at best. In this enlightening book, Tom Tuttle offers an engaging primer on the newest and best thinking for job creation at both the local and state levels. It is a ‘must- read’ for policy makers, economic development professionals, and all who care about America’s economic future.”—William E. Kirwan, Chancellor Emeritus, University of Maryland System

“It is refreshing to see someone work so hard to create a holistic view of what community and economic development is all about. Never has it been more important to realize that successful economic development is non-partisan and requires a powerful public-private partnership. Above all, what Dr. Tuttle has done is to prove once again that this work is complicated and that it is a ‘team sport.’”—J. Mac Holladay, CCE, PCED, LM, HLM, CEO, Market Street Services

Growing Jobs is a ‘must-read’ for local leaders across the country seeking to create good jobs and sustainable communities. Dr. Tuttle, a widely acclaimed expert on quality and productivity, draws upon decades of experience working with business, education, and government leaders and case studies of Austin, Texas, and Dubuque, Iowa, in this how-to guide demonstrating that community values and engagement, along with education and business retention, are key strategies for successful, long-term, and sustainable economic development.” —Charles A. Stek, President and CEO, Environmental Stewardship Strategies

“In Growing Jobs: Transforming the Way We Approach Economic Development, Thomas Tuttle accurately assesses how traditional economic development approaches are no longer working. Tuttle’s work will help economic development practitioners in developing plans and practices that leverage the significance of ‘place’ and ‘talent’ in driving local and regional economies.”—Jim Damicis, Senior Vice President, Camoin Associates

“Tom Tuttle approaches the topic of job creation and economic development from the experience that comes from many decades as a professor, consultant, student and ‘Guru’ of productivity and quality improvement. His optimal mix of intellectual and practical real-world observations brings together, in this book, a very realistic account of the transformation of economic development and job creation approaches to succeed in today’s global competition. The recommendations are understandable, implementable, and sustainable and should yield positive results for both the economic and social progress of municipalities, states, regions, and nations.”—Aris Melissaratos, Dean, School of Business and Leadership, Stevenson University

“Tom Tuttle has opened the door to the next evolution of local economic development based on ‘comprehensive community transformation.’ His ability to identify the ‘secret sauce’ of building alliances, deep collaboration, and a shift to entrepreneurial ecosystems reflects his creative insight into a different kind of future that is emerging.”—Rick Smyre, President, Center for Communities of the Future

“Thomas Tuttle makes compelling arguments for why a transformation is required worldwide concerning existing economic development practices. There are not enough jobs of any kind for those seeking employment, and there is a growing mismatch between new job skill requirements and the qualifications of those seeking employment. In Growing Jobs, Tuttle provides compelling and useful examples of ways to consider and implement creative and innovative economic development frameworks.”—Dr. David V. Gibson, Associate Director IC2 Institute, The University of Texas at Austin

“Growing good jobs that satisfy community aspirations is the fundamental challenge facing local and state government leadership. Growing Jobs provides a national perspective on economic development practices with an in-depth look at two success stories—Austin, Texas, and Dubuque, Iowa. Growing Jobs provides transformational context and a values-driven pathway to individual and community innovation and productivity.”—Robert L. Hannon, President, Anne Arundel County Economic Development Corporation

“Tom Tuttle’s new book is a thought-provoking series of examples and findings on some of the most successful community and economic development initiatives from different regions of the country. It highlights the key ingredients of success by showcasing these ‘best in class’ examples. The keys include leadership, vision, best management practices, and a set of core community values that tend to drive the transformation to a highly effective system for community building and job growth.”—Wayne A. Mills, Past Chairman of the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board for Maryland and Past Chair of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Maryland

“Thomas Tuttle has captured how local elected officials are combining strategic and innovative decision making with professional local government management and dynamic not-for-profit partners for policy implementation. This implementation is disrupting and improving the status quo, leading to a more hopeful, resilient, and equitable future for communities and the businesses and individuals that call them home. Robust community engagement ensures that the personal values of citizens are aligned with the economic development strategies, accelerating the rate of growth and creating an environment that fosters investment in financial and human capital.” —Michael Van Milligen, City Manager, Dubuque, Iowa
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