The Library Collaboration and Flexible Scheduling Toolkit
Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
by Andria C. Donnelly
March 2015, 139pp, 8 1/2 x 11
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-4408-3684-8
$50, £39, 44€, A69
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-3685-5
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From understanding the current research to gaining support from staff and administrators for implementing a collaborative method of providing school library services, this book gives you the tools for changing your library’s methods to impact student achievement.

Appropriate for experienced elementary librarians as well as students in school library preparation programs, this powerful book explains the advantages of utilizing a flexible schedule with collaboration as compared to a fixed schedule without collaboration.

The aptly titled The Library Collaboration and Flexible Scheduling Toolkit: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started takes readers step by step through the process of considering collaboration as a method to deliver library services. Authored by an experienced elementary librarian and author for School Library Monthly and School Library Connection, the text begins by explaining the relevant research and underscoring the importance of being able to articulate the meaning of the research to library stakeholders. Next, readers learn how to gain support from administration and to train the staff in effective collaboration to impact student achievement.

The book provides a complete answer to the complex question that many librarians and librarians in training have: “How do I go about putting collaboration and a flexible library schedule into place in my library?” Specific methods and solutions for handling problems that may come up—such as ways to win over a reluctant staff, or what to do in situations where a library assistant is not available—are provided to lend the author’s real-world experience to the challenges that the librarian might encounter in undertaking collaboration.


  • Provides a succinct and accessible yet complete explanation of research about collaboration
  • Supplies practical guidance for moving towards a collaborative methodology, including methods to approach the administration to win support, a training plan for staff, and team planning strategies
  • Explains the many side benefits of collaboration, including lowered student-to-teacher ratios, better accommodation of individual student differences, more physical and personnel resources, and higher student achievement
  • Addresses how to incorporate the library assistant into collaboration as well as what to do if there is no assistant
  • Identifies methods for handling a variety of personalities and common situational issues or difficulties
Andria C. Donnelly is an elementary librarian for Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia. Her former teaching positions were as a reading specialist and a classroom teacher. She has written for both School Library Monthly and School Library Connection regarding library collaboration. Donnelly holds a master's degree in education from Shenandoah University and earned a credential as a school library media specialist from George Mason University. She is affiliated with AASL, VAASL, and LASL. Her current title in LASL is Advocacy Director and she served as a past president of LASL. Donnelly coaches a group of Loudoun County librarians in how to make the transition from a fixed library schedule to a flexible schedule with collaboration.
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