School Library Infographics
How to Create Them, Why to Use Them
by Peggy Milam Creighton
May 2015, 169pp, 8 1/2x11
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-4408-3677-0
$50, £39, 44€, A69
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-3678-7
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With this practical guidebook, you’ll learn how to inexpensively create your own infographics, stretching your budget while enhancing instruction.

Find out how you can increase the impact of your school library instruction, promotion, and organization with the utilization of infographics created with do-it-yourself tips found within this guidebook.

Infographics have become increasingly popular educational tools for visually conveying ideas and information—in class projects, in daily lessons, and for promoting school and library programs. This book—the only one of its kind—helps you create your own computer-generated visuals for your class and library using common software platforms and free web-based applications. A perfect primer for educators with little or no technological savvy, this resource features charts, tables, screenshots, bars, and graphs for making infographics easy to reproduce and create.

Author Peggy Milam Creighton discusses the benefits of utilizing visuals with students and provides tips and strategies for creating your own graphics for various educational settings. The reference is organized into three topics: how to create infographics with Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; how to use graphics to support school library programs; and why using these visual-based learning tools is important. The work features easy-to-use tutorials, lesson plans, and project ideas for students.


  • Includes more than 30 original visuals available for reproduction
  • Provides tips for sharing infographics through social media
  • Demonstrates how to effectively pair infographics and education to maximize your library's impact on students
  • Shows how graphics can be used to enhance instruction
  • Features a list of applications and tools for creating your own infographics using basic, easy-to-access, and free software
Peggy Milam Creighton, PhD, is a school library consultant in northeast Georgia. Previously, she worked as a school librarian for the Cobb County school district, where she received the Georgia Department of Education's Exemplary Media Program award. Creighton formerly served on the Cobb County Media Leadership Team, was past president of the Cobb County Association of Library Media Specialists, and was former chair of ISTE's Special Interest Group for Media Specialists and chair of the AASL Common Core Implementation Task Force. Her previous works include National Board Certification in Library Media: A Candidate's Journal; The Secret Reasons Why Teachers are not Using Web 2.0 Tools and What School Librarians Can Do About It; and InfoQuest: A New Twist on Information Literacy, all published by Libraries Unlimited. She holds a doctorate in educational technology from Walden University.
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