Minicars, Maglevs, and Mopeds
Modern Modes of Transportation around the World
by Selima Sultana and Joe Weber, Editors
April 2016, 380pp, 7 x 10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-3494-3
$108, £84, 94€, A148
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eBook Available: 978-1-4408-3495-0
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From Cambodia’s improvised bamboo trains to mopeds to Segways, everyone in the world needs transportation.

This book provides a fascinating look at the amazing diversity of forms of travel and transport around the world today in the context of cultures, politics, economics, and environment of a place.

Across the timeline of human history, transportation has played a role in the migration of people and information, nation-building, economic development, environmental alteration, access to and the use of resources, and even the fall of civilizations. This single-volume reference presents more than 150 entries that describe the most up-to-date surface transport technologies and routes in use on every continent, including a broad range of road vehicles, railroads, person-powered vehicles, and even animals used for transportation.

The book melds transportation geography with culture, politics, economics, and environment of place in its coverage of vehicles, transportation technologies, and some of the most famous streets, rail systems, and highways from around the world. The entries are written by transport geography scholars to be accessible to general readers without technical backgrounds. Each entry incorporates cross references that allow readers to easily find related entries, making the book ideal for conducting specific research or completing school projects.


  • Provides readers with an understanding of the world's current major forms of transportation as well as an intriguing and colorful glimpse into daily life in other parts of the world
  • Highlights many exciting new technologies that will shape the future of transportation in the United States and globally
  • Incorporates information about green modes of transport (and fuels) and environmental issues related to transport
  • Includes sidebars that highlight key developments in land transport of the future
Selima Sultana, PhD, is professor of geography at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC. She is a specialist in urban geography and transportation.

Joe Weber, PhD, is professor of geography at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. He is a specialist in the geography of transportation.
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