Stress in the Modern World
Understanding Science and Society [2 volumes]
by Serena Wadhwa, Editor
January 2017, 634pp, 7x10
2 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-61069-606-7
$218, £168, 190€, A299
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eBook Available: 978-1-61069-607-4
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Excessive stress can cause digestive problems, hypertension, and heart disease.

An engaging exploration of the scientific theories and medical conditions relating to stress and an examination of case studies that suggest ways to manage, reduce, and prevent stress in everyday life.

Tension and anxiety are normal aspects of modern life, but ineffective stress management can lead to stress disorders, psychological distress, and physical ailments. An ideal resource for students researching the impact of stress on both physical and psychological health, this comprehensive two-volume set addresses scientific theories about stress, describes common symptoms and effects, identifies various sources of stress, explains how to identify and assess stress levels, and shares effective coping skills as well as strategies for preventing, managing, and reducing stress.

More than two dozen contributors share their combined expertise, covering topics such as cognitive and behavioral theories and explanations of stress, the physical symptoms and effects of being subjected to stress, factors involving lifestyle and parenting styles, effective and ineffective coping methods, and finding support in mitigating stress. The set also supplies 20 personal accounts of stress, offers sidebars throughout its pages that present additional information about interesting related topics, and presents primary sources and statistics to encourage students to use their research and critical thinking skills.


  • Examines the impact of stress on both physical and psychological health and from both theoretical and practical perspectives
  • Provides broad, detailed coverage that explains what stress is, the effects of stress, and effective—and ineffective—methods of coping with or reducing stress
  • Includes personal accounts from individuals who explain how a specific coping strategy worked for them, thereby providing suggestions of how readers may be able to improve the quality of their own lives
Serena Wadhwa, PsyD, LCPC, CADC, is assistant professor of addictions studies and behavioral health at Governors State University, University Park, IL. Her published work includes Substance Use in the Workplace: Problem or Not? Wadhwa holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL.


"A very strong recommended resources section and index round out the work. Stress in the Modern World provides both scientific knowledge and effectual coping options. This book is useful to high school and college students studying sociology or psychology, and to those in the general public seeking the latest information on stress research and management. Recommended."—ARBA, March 13, 2017

"This book would be useful to high school students studying sociology or psychology and to those seeking the latest information on stress research and management. Recommended."—School Library Connection, August 1, 2017

"[C]ontains 20 'Personal Accounts' of stressful experiences and how those affected by stress have either successfully managed it or failed to do so. These first-person accounts are meant to encourage readers to reflect on ways to cope with various forms of stress. . . . These brief vignettes can also be used to spark discussion in the classroom. Summing Up: Recommended. All readers."—Choice, August 1, 2017
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