Chronic Diseases
An Encyclopedia of Causes, Effects, and Treatments [2 volumes]
by Jean Kaplan Teichroew, Editor
December 2016, 852pp, 7x10
2 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-0103-7
$218, £168, 190€, A299
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eBook Available: 978-1-4408-0104-4
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Chronic diseases affect the quality of life of some 90 million Americans.

This comprehensive two-volume work provides an overview of an area of growing concern, offering readers a one-stop resource for researching the chronic conditions that increasingly plague our society.

Chronic diseases and their consequences are among the foremost problems faced by the U.S. health care system, accounting for untold distress and mounting personal and societal costs. Bringing together an unprecedented array of detailed data and facts, this unique two-volume encyclopedia provides information that will help readers understand what they can do to avoid these diseases, as well as how to best manage chronic conditions that may affect them or their families.

Designed for high school, public, and university libraries, this three-volume set covers an extensive range of disorders, including diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis. Depression and anxiety are covered, as are violence and injury, drug use and abuse, and tobacco as a health hazard. Much more than just a list of diseases, this encyclopedia enables readers to easily research terminology, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, medical treatments and alternative medicine, risk factors, associated conditions, and preventive approaches. The work is consistent with Healthy People 2010 national goals and objectives and with National Health Education Standards.


  • Presents comprehensive, up-to-date information in an easily accessible style
  • Examines the many facets of researching, diagnosing, and controlling chronic diseases
  • Covers preventive measures such as selecting a nutrition plan, physical activity, vaccinations, and screenings
  • Explores topics within their historical and societal context and in correlation with the standards of health education
  • Brings together the expertise of a wide range of respected professionals
Jean Kaplan Teichroew, MA, is a freelance editor and writer as well as vice president of communications at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). Prior to working at ADAA, she was the editorial director of the Discovery Education division at Discovery Communications, Inc., and a senior features editor of WORLD magazine at the National Geographic Society. She holds a master's degree in folklore from Indiana University Bloomington and a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley.


"This is a useful set for public, high school, and consumer-health libraries in need."—Booklist, March 2, 2017

" As a resource tool, Chronic Diseases delineates disease and disorder, health options, support organizations, and long-term projections for those living with chronic illness. This book is suitable for high school and undergraduate students seeking introduction to subjects of chronic conditions. Librarians working with the general public, patients, and caregivers will want to have this reference available to all. Recommended."—ARBA, March 13, 2017

"[H]elpful to academic or health-science library patrons as well as those in public libraries seeking a range of sources for medical information. Summing Up: Recommended. High school through undergraduate students; general readers."—Choice, June 1, 2017

Top Community College Resource, June 2017—Choice, June 29, 2017

"A useful introductory resource for high school and college students and for general readers interested in current information about a particular disease."—Library Journal, February 1, 2017
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