War in the Balkans
An Encyclopedic History from the Fall of the Ottoman Empire to the Breakup of Yugoslavia
by Richard C. Hall, Editor
October 2014, 411pp, 7x10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-61069-030-0
$108, £84, 94€, A148
eBook Available: 978-1-61069-031-7
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The Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 evolved into World War I.

This authoritative reference follows the history of conflicts in the Balkan Peninsula from the 19th century through the present day.

The Balkan Peninsula, which consists of Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and the former Yugoslavia, resides in the southeastern part of the European continent. Its strategic location as well as its long and bloody history of conflict have helped to define the Balkans’ role in global affairs. This singular reference focuses on the events, individuals, organizations, and ideas that have made this region an international player and shaped warfare there for hundreds of years.

Historian and author Richard C. Hall traces the sociopolitical history of the area, starting with the early internal conflicts as the Balkan states attempted to break away from the Ottoman Empire to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that ignited World War I to the Yugoslav Wars that erupted in the 1990s and the subsequent war crimes still being investigated today. Additional coverage focuses on how these countries continue to play an important role in global affairs and international politics.


  • Places the conflicts, battles, and wars in perspective through informative "Causes and Consequences" essays
  • Features introductions to primary source documents written by a top scholar
  • Offers topic finders and a detailed bibliography that will help students conduct research
  • Defines important military terms unfamiliar to most audiences
Richard C. Hall, PhD, is professor of history in the department of history and political science at Georgia Southwestern State University. His published works include Bulgaria's Road to the First World War; The Balkan Wars 1912–1913: Prelude to the First World War; and Consumed by War: European Conflict in the 20th Century. Hall earned his bachelor's degree at Vanderbilt University and his master's degree and doctorate at Ohio State University.


This excellent set of well-written, concise entries focuses on the major facets of Balkan history, and each writer offers a set of additional readings for further study. . . . Summing Up: Recommended. Undergraduate students and general readers."—Choice, March 24, 2015
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