International Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations
2nd Edition
by Lois Sinaiko Webb, Lindsay Grace Cardella, and Jeanne Jacob
September 2018, 768pp, 7x10
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-61069-015-7
$116, £90, 101€, A159
Paperback: 978-1-61069-371-4
$69, £54, 60€, A95
eBook Available: 978-1-61069-016-4
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What dish should you bring to a Chinese wedding? What about to a birth celebration in India? This book provides both step-by-step recipes and insights into fascinating food customs worldwide.

Much more than a cookbook offering a breadth of delicious recipes that honor ethnic traditions and religious customs, this text provides readers with an understanding and appreciation of customs and rites of passage from around the world.

International Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations takes readers on a journey around the world and back with an overview of religious customs, specific cultural traditions, and delicious recipes. Readers will learn about unique customs and traditions from more than 150 countries relevant to birth celebrations to weddings to funeral rituals. Although the text is rich with detail, the presentation of information is accessible to general readers and the recipes are kept simple so students of all ages and cooking abilities can execute the dishes and enjoy the results.

Organized by continent, region, and then country, the book begins with an overview of religious customs as well as safety and cleanliness tips for cooks. After the introduction, the chapters present information on each country with the specific customs and recipes that correspond to that ethnicity’s traditions. The recipes are easy to follow and provide alternatives to complex or hard-to-find ingredients that can be used without jeopardizing the flavor and taste of the end result.


  • Includes hundreds of recipes from more than 150 countries around the world, organized by country within region
  • Offers common sense instructions, safety guidelines, and cleanliness tips that introduce students to the proper way to work in the kitchen—and to have fun cooking
  • Presents a glossary of key terms as well as a comprehensive index that includes recipes, ingredients, countries, and cooking terminology
  • Introduces students to a range of unfamiliar cultures through the food they eat, simultaneously expands their "eating horizons" with many foreign dishes and flavors
Lois Sinaiko Webb was a writer and former owner/cook of a restaurant in Seabrook, TX. Her published works include the original editions of Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students and Multicultural Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations. Webb also served as coauthor of the recently revised and updated The Multicultural Cookbook for Students.

Lindsay Grace Cardella is coauthor of Greenwood's The Multicultural Cookbook for Students: Updated and Revised and Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students, Second Edition. Through her extensive global travel, she has developed a deep passion for and extensive knowledge of ethnic foods and how they reflect each culture.

Jeanne Jacob is an agronomist and researcher on agroecology, with an interest in indigenous food culture and neglected food crops. Her published works include ABC-CLIO's Food Culture in Japan and The World Cookbook: The Greatest Recipes from around the Globe, 2nd Edition. Born in Manila, Philippines, and educated in Japan, USA, UK, and Germany, she is developing an organic farm for fruits and olive oil in Valencia, Spain.


"Given the numerous cultural elements in this volume, it should not be considered a mere cookbook but also an interesting look at scores of countries and the events that mark the lives of their inhabitants. Readers interested in world culture, as well as delicious food, will enjoy this volume. Any library with such patrons should consider this book. And for a 770-page book it is quite reasonably priced."—ARBA, December 6, 2018
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