Chronology of the U.S. Presidency
by Mathew Manweller, Editor
March 2012, 1556pp, 7x10
4 volumes, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-59884-645-4
$461, £355, 401€, A632
eBook Available: 978-1-59884-646-1
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One was an accomplished duelist. One was a lifelong bachelor while another was married in the White House. One needed a wheelchair while another could have played professional football. And one became the first of African American heritage to hold the office. These are among the men elected president of the United States, and the time in office for each is a distinctive chapter in the American story.

This engaging and authoritative four-volume resource offers fascinating portrayals of the 44 men who have achieved the ultimate seat of power in the United States—the presidency.

From George Washington to Barack Obama, Chronology of the U.S. Presidency portrays each of the nation’s chief executives in richly observed detail. Chapter by chapter, we meet the real flesh-and-blood men occupying the one office elected by the entire country, the office that most profoundly affects the workings of the government, U.S. relations with other countries, and the everyday lives of all American citizens.

Spanning four volumes, this work covers each president’s early life and rise to power, the pivotal events during his presidency, and when applicable, his post-presidential life. In addition, the book includes sections on the First Ladies and presidential families plus primary source documents (speeches, memos, messages to Congress), and entertaining FYI facts—for example, once bitter rivals John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died hours apart, on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence they helped create together. More than just names-and-dates history, Chronology of the U.S. Presidency helps readers understand the ways each of these intriguing men changed the country, and how he in turn was impacted by his time in power.


  • 44 chapters, one for each chief executive of the United States, covering their lives before, during, and when relevant, after their time in office
  • 35 contributors, each an accomplished scholar on the president whose life they portray
  • Primary documents section in every chapter, including State of the Union addresses, proclamations, famous memos, legislation, and more
  • A chronology of key events for each president
  • Bibliographies for each chapter, plus a cumulative bibliography at the end
Mathew Manweller, PhD, is associate professor of political science at Central Washington University, Ellensburg. He graduated from Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, and received his doctorate from the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. Manweller is the author of The People versus The Courts: Initiative Elites, Judicial Review, and Direct Democracy in the American Legal System and several scholarly articles on Constitutional law, economic policy, and direct democracy.


"The chronological, sequential approach to presenting presidential biographies, and the content, is unique and enlightening."—ARBA, January 1, 2013

"Volume 4 ends with a section titled "Powers and Process of the Presidency," which details the evolution of the presidential powers and function of the executive branch. This thorough volume offers high-quality information and features time lines, graphs, and some charts. Overall, it is a fine example of a reference work that provides historical information useful in all types of libraries. Summing up: Highly recommended."—Choice, September 1, 2012

"Its usefulness as a convenient “one-stop shop” for all things presidential makes this a valuable resource for high-school and undergraduate collections seeking to fill a niche or support history and civics curricula."—Booklist, July 1, 2012

"A welcome addition to any library looking to provide patrons with a one-stop resource on all of our nation’s commanders in chief. It contains a wealth of information and will be a good starting point for related research."—Library Journal, July 1, 2012
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