Cybrarian Extraordinaire
Compelling Information Literacy Instruction
by Felicia A. Smith
February 2011, 112pp, 7x10
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-59884-605-8
$50, £38, 42€, A72
eBook Available: 978-1-59884-606-5
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The word is “edu-tainment.” It might involve dressing in a pirate costume, becoming a flying leprechaun avatar, or starring in a YouTube video—all of which author Felicia A. Smith has done. It surely involves utilizing pop culture and 21st-century technologies to reach students of any age or background.

Enhance your library instruction class by using this hands-on guide and learn numerous unique active learning exercises.

The effectiveness of active-learning approaches to instruction is well documented. What is needed now are proven, practical applications. Written for every librarian or teacher looking for such new and creative teaching techniques, Cybrarian Extraordinaire: Compelling Information Literacy Instruction fills the gap. Based on the author’s own experiences, the book shares specific active-learning exercises created to make library instruction more engaging for a wide variety of audiences.

Specifically, author Felicia A. Smith illustrates the process of creating “edu-tainment” activities designed to serve serious instructional goals in a manner that is both fun and effective. Her book provides detailed examples of innovative ways to engage students in mandatory library classes. Among other ideas, it explores the use of e-readers as learning tools and describes the planning and possibilities involved in creating classes in online worlds, such as Second Life. Of course, it also explains the evolution of Smith’s Pirate Librarian, offering exercises that reinforced the “library material as buried treasure” theme.


  • Five years of successful, active learning examples that have been tested, evaluated, and adapted based on student feedback
  • Drawings
Felicia A. Smith is an associate librarian who specializes in the areas of Latino studies and sociology at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN. Her published works include Teaching Information Literacy Skills; the article, "The Pirate Teacher" for Journal of Academic Libarianship; and two chapters in Librarians as Community Partners: An Outreach Handbook.
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