Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students
, 2nd Edition
by Lois Sinaiko Webb and Lindsay Grace Roten
April 2011, 442pp, 7x10
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-38393-9
$105, £78, 88€, A150
Paperback: 978-0-313-39790-5
$36, £27, 30€, A52
eBook Available: 978-0-313-38394-6
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Have you ever wondered what people in Switzerland eat on Christmas day? Or how people in India celebrate Diwali? Or what kinds of foods are important for Chinese New Year? Despite the vast differences between countries’ cultures and traditions, all people celebrate special events with food. What better way to teach multiculturalism than with a world cookbook?

This updated and revised cookbook helps students explore the holiday customs and unique foods of more than 150 countries.

The best way to learn about other ethnic groups is to experience that culture directly. Unfortunately, to travel to foreign places isn’t often possible. Giving students the opportunity to learn about and enjoy ethnic customs and holidays through food is a great solution.

This new edition of Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students provides detailed information about the holidays of nations around the world and presents a multitude of selected recipes that are ideal for each celebration. The recipes appear with each country entry, and the countries are arranged in alphabetical order within each region: Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. With recipes especially adapted for preparation by student chefs, this cookbook is especially appropriate for students in grades 9–12 who are either researching holiday customs and foods, or planning to prepare ethnic meals or dishes.


  • Contains more than 440 recipes from 152 countries around the globe, including entrees, side dishes, desserts, and snacks
  • Each recipe contains useful details, clearly indicating the exact steps to follow, cooking equipment needed, and how many people it will serve
  • Provides a thumbnail map for each country
  • Includes a selected bibliography, index, and glossary with cooking and ingredient terms
  • Offers safety tips for student cooks
Lois Sinaiko Webb is a writer and former owner/cook of a restaurant in Seabrook, TX. Her published works include the original edition of Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students and Multicultural Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations. Webb is also coauthor of the recently revised and updated The Multicultural Cookbook for Students.

Lindsay Grace Roten is an English teacher at Clear Creek High School in League City, TX. Through her extensive global travel, she has developed a deep passion for and extensive knowledge of ethnic foods and how they reflect each culture. Roten is coauthor of the updated and revised edition of The Multicultural Cookbook for Students.
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