American Indian History Day by Day
A Reference Guide to Events
by Roger M. Carpenter
October 2012, 429pp, 7x10
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-38222-2
$108, £84, 94€, A148
eBook Available: 978-0-313-38223-9
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In 1621, Wampanoag leader Massasoit decided to befriend rather than annihilate the weakened Pilgrims living in his tribe’s midst. His choice was a decisive event in Native American history, one that would have profound repercussions. Since Columbus “discovered” the New World in 1492, Native American history has been a tapestry of triumph and tragedy, of events large and small that determined how divergent cultures would coexist on the American continent.

This unique, day-by-day compilation of important events helps students understand and appreciate five centuries of Native American history.

Encompassing more than 500 years, American Indian History Day by Day: A Reference Guide to Events is a marvelous research tool. Students will learn what occurred on a specific day, read a brief description of events, and find suggested books and websites they can turn to for more information. The guide’s unique treatment and chronological arrangement make it easy for students to better understand specific events in Native American history and to trace broad themes across time.

The book covers key occurrences in Native American history from 1492 to the present. It discusses native interactions with European explorers, missionaries and colonists, as well as the shifting Indian policies of the U.S. government since the nation’s founding. Contemporary events, such as the opening of Indian casinos, are also covered. In addition to accessing comprehensive information about frequently researched topics in Native American history, students will benefit from discussions of lesser-known subjects and events whose causes and significance are often misunderstood.


  • A chronology provides an at-a-glance overview of 500 years of Native American history
  • A bibliography that guides students and other researchers to print and online resources for further information
Roger M. Carpenter is assistant professor of history at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. His published works include ABC-CLIO's Term Paper Resource Guide to Colonial American History, as well as The Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade: The Three Thought Worlds of the Iroquois and the Huron, 1609–1650.


"The advantage this new title has is the wealth of recommended online and print sources. . . . [T]his will provide background for browsers and encourage further research, especially where existing Native American material is used heavily."—Booklist, January 1, 2013

"Users will find information on native interactions with European explorers, missionaries, and colonists, as well as contemporary events such as Indian casinos. This work is recommended for all Native American history and culture collections."—ARBA, January 1, 2013
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