African American History Day by Day
A Reference Guide to Events
by Karen Juanita Carrillo
August 2012, 420pp, 7x10
1 volume, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-59884-360-6
$98, £73, 82€, A140
eBook Available: 978-1-59884-361-3
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On March 31, 1870, Thomas Mundy Peterson of Perth Amboy, NJ, became the first African American to vote in an election under the just-enacted provisions of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution. An event of equal importance can be found for any date—and they are just waiting to be discovered here.

The proof of any group's importance to history is in the detail, a fact made plain by this informative book's day-by-day documentation of the impact of African Americans on life in the United States.

One of the easiest ways to grasp any aspect of history is to look at it as a continuum. African American History Day by Day: A Reference Guide to Events provides just such an opportunity. Organized in the form of a calendar, this book allows readers to see the dates of famous births, deaths, and events that have affected the lives of African Americans and, by extension, of America as a whole.

Each day features an entry with information about an important event that occurred on that date. Background on the highlighted event is provided, along with a link to at least one primary source document and references to books and websites that can provide more information. While there are other calendars of African American history, this one is set apart by its level of academic detail. It is not only a calendar, but also an easy-to-use reference and learning tool.


  • More than 365 chronologically arranged entries featuring events and information about African Americans
  • An introduction that overviews the importance of African American history in a day-by-day approach
  • A preface that explains the scope, methodology, and rationale for coverage
  • Primary source excerpts for some events and two vetted books and websites for all events
Karen Juanita Carrillo is a Brooklyn, New York-based writer and photographer who specializes in covering African American and Afro-Latino history, literature, and politics. Her published works include The View from Chocó: The Afro-Colombian past, their lives in the present, and their hopes for the future. Carrillo has lectured and has published articles and photographs in numerous publications in the United States, South America, and Europe. In 2002, she was awarded the National Newspaper Publishers Association's "Perspective Reporting Award: For human-interest coverage of the impact of September 11th, highlighting diverse perspectives in African American communities." In 2003, she was a New California Media Awards winner in the Civil Liberties reporting category. In 2005, she received the New York Association of Black Journalists' first prize award for General/Spot News reporting and in 2008, she won the NYABJ's second place prize award for International News reporting. Carrillo is a cofounder of the nonprofit organization


"Unlike other recent books on the topic, Carrillo focuses on events in a historical context, rather than merely presenting the same lists of famous African Americans. The day-by-day approach allows the author to go beyond the well-known to celebrate more events and people who shaped American history."—School Library Journal, June 1, 2013

"This work is recommended for all African American history and culture collections."—ARBA, January 1, 2013

"This ready-reference guide provides fascinating nuggets of both well-known and little-known milestones and historic moments in African American history. . . . It is easy to envision an instructor using this guide every day and including a fact in his or her lesson plan, or jotting an important but perhaps lesser-known event in history on the classroom whiteboard. Appropriate for students of all ages, this is recommended for most school, public, and academic libraries."—Booklist, February 1, 2013

"Researchers needing to find a date for a specific event will find this book to be a valuable resource. It will be a solid addition to the reference collections of high school, academic, and public libraries."—Library Journal, January 1, 2013
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