Native America
A State-by-State Historical Encyclopedia
by Daniel S. Murphree, Editor
March 2012, 1393pp, 7x10
3 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-0-313-38126-3
$323, £240, 270€, A462
eBook Available: 978-0-313-38127-0
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While various attempts to document Native American history in the United States have been made, rarely have Indians been considered in relation to the individual states which they inhabited both before and after statehood. With the effects natives have had on state formation, not to mention the changes effected by states upon native societies, this oversight causes a substantive gap in our understanding of Native Americans that these volumes now rectify.

Employing innovative research and unique interpretations, these essays provide a fresh perspective on Native American history by focusing on how Indians lived and helped shape each of the United States.

Native America: A State-by-State Historical Encyclopedia comprises 50 chapters offering interpretations of Native American history through the lens of the states in which Indians lived or helped shape. This organizing structure and thematic focus allows readers access to information on specific Indians and the regions they lived in while also providing a collective overview of Native American relationships with the United States as a whole.

These three volumes synthesize scholarship on the Native American past to provide both an academic and indigenous perspective on the subject, covering all states and the native peoples who lived in them or were instrumental to their development. Each state is featured in its own chapter, authored by a specialist on the region and its indigenous peoples. Each essay has these main sections: Chronology, Historical Overview, Notable Indians, Cultural Contributions, and Bibliography. The chapters are interspersed with photographs and illustrations that add visual clarity to the written content, put a human face on the individuals described, and depict the peoples and environment with which they interacted.


  • 50 chapters examine the role of Native Americans in the history and development of each state
  • Contributions from more than 30 distinguished native and nonnative scholars from around the world, each providing a unique perspective on the states and the native peoples who lived there both before and after statehood
  • A chronology of significant events in Native American history for each state from the pre-colonial period to the present
  • Extensive, interdisciplinary bibliographies on Native American history in each state
Daniel S. Murphree teaches Native American history at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, and is interim assistant editor of Florida Historical Quarterly. Among his publications is Constructing Floridians: Natives and Europeans in the Colonial Floridas, 1513–1783, which received the Florida Book Awards’ Silver Medal in the nonfiction category and the Florida Historical Society's Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Award.


"This wonderful, thoughtfully compiled resource will be useful to those interested in exploring Native American culture as framed by a more localized and specialized context. The set provides a wealth of information for middle and high school students as well as those interested in knowing a little bit more about Native Americans in their surrounding area."—Library Journal, June 1, 2012

"This three-volume set provides a welcome approach to Native American history. . . . The state-by-state approach of this work fills a niche."—Choice, August 1, 2012
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