Single Mother in Charge
How to Successfully Pursue Happiness
by Sandy Chalkoun
June 2010, 212pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-0-313-38052-5
$38, £29, 32€, A55
eBook Available: 978-0-313-38053-2
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Happiness, as the saying goes, is a choice. Moreover, as the new science of positive psychology demonstrates, it is a choice that can be achieved through the application of concrete practices. Single motherhood is a fact of life for millions of women across the United States, Canada, and other nations. It can also be a source of empowerment—for mothers and for their children.

This must-have guide uses the latest research on the science of happiness to show single mothers how to transform feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety, and low self-esteem into feelings of power and freedom.

There are 82 million mothers in the United States and Canada alone. This book is for them. Single Mother in Charge: How to Successfully Pursue Happiness employs the latest research on the science of happiness to show single moms how to be stronger, happier, and more balanced. Through it, they will learn to use their own power to improve the quality of their lives and those of their children.

This hands-on guide starts with three critical lessons for personal transformation: the right belief, the right attitude, and taking action. Readers are then taught how to transform feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, and low self-esteem into a positive, confident attitude. Once these barriers to happiness have come down, the single mother can use the 22 “happiness strategies” outlined in the book create a happier and healthier life for herself and her family.


  • Lessons for personal transformation
  • 22 "happiness strategies"
Sandy Chalkoun is a lawyer and the owner of her own legal training business in Montreal, Canada. She travels across Canada teaching law seminars to business people. She became a single mother when her son was 11 months old and spent 6 years on her own developing and successfully applying strategies to improve her life and that of her child.


"Her book is cleverly broken up into small chapters (probably to accommodate an audience that just doesn’t have time to read). She gives clear instruction on overcoming fear and anxiety, developing the right mindset to succeed as a single human who must also provide for other humans. She draws from scientific research to help the reader be happy – not just get by — and lists twenty-two concrete happiness strategies. Most important, Sandy Chalkoun shows the single mother how to build her self-esteem, which was very likely tattered in her divorce. Through the book, women will learn to use their own power to improve the quality of their lives and their children’s. Additionally, the author offers some solid parenting advice, which may be helpful to those single mothers who feel compelled to spoil their children (either by spending too much money on them, by giving in to their every whim, by doing things for them they can do for themselves, and so on). In the end, this guide should be reassuring to single mothers who wonder if they’re doing 'it' right, whatever 'it' may be."—, July 27, 2010

"Chalkoun, a lawyer and single mother who has researched the science of happiness, positive psychology, and other areas, shares her knowledge for other single mothers who want to be stronger, happier, and more balanced. She discusses how to have the right belief and attitude and take action; transform fear, anxiety, guilt, and low-self-esteem into a positive attitude; and apply characteristics of this type of single mother and 22 happiness strategies—like finding a role model, sleeping well, laughing, exercising, and meditating—to create a better life for themselves and their families."—Reference & Research Book News, August 1, 2010

"Don't let the title of this book fool you or scare you away into thinking you shouldn't read it if you are married, etc.. This book has so many applications that I've wanted to write her and ask her to retitle her book. The second subtitle of this book is called 'How to Successfully Pursue Happiness' and that is really what the book is about and it doesn't matter your status. Sandy Chalkoun is also a real and reachable person just like the rest of us."—, October 9, 2010

"Whether you read Single Mother in Charge from beginning to end, or read the sections as you need them, this will be a helpful addition to your personal library. The ideas presented in Single Mother In Charge will support you in living a happier life." —, February 11, 2011
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