The Executive Branch of Federal Government
People, Process, and Politics
by Brian R. Dirck
July 2007, 511pp, 7x10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-85109-791-3
$96, £74, 84€, A132
eBook Available: 978-1-85109-796-8
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The leader of the free world … CEO of a massive, multiheaded bureaucracy … commander in chief of the most powerful military force on earth … negotiator in chief with Congress and other nations … fundraiser in chief for his own political party. The president of the United States is all of this and more, the dominant figure in U.S.—and now global—politics.

This volume gives students, professors, and the general public a single, comprehensive source on the key themes in the historical development of the presidency from America's founding era through the presidency of George W. Bush.

How has the role of the president changed since George Washington? How does the president interact with Congress? The courts? The states? Other nations? These are just a few of the overarching questions addressed in this volume in ABC-CLIO’s About Federal Government set devoted to the president and the executive branch he manages.

The Executive Branch of the Federal Government provides a brief history of the presidency, then looks at the constitutional powers of the office, the day-to-day functions of the federal bureaucracy, general elections, and presidential relationships with Congress and the courts. But perhaps most compelling are the insights into the officeholders themselves, the individuals who have served as president, each fashioning a term reflective of his own personality.


  • Special features include edited and annotated texts of the presidents' inaugural addresses, a timeline of presidential elections and terms of office, and insightful portraits of all the major presidents
  • A reference section includes lists of executive branch personnel and legislation aimed at granting or curtailing presidential power
Brian R. Dirck is associate professor of history at Anderson University in Anderson, IN. His published works include Lincoln & Davis: Imagining America, 1809–1865 and ABC-CLIO's Waging War on Trial.


"Recommended for public and undergraduate libraries."—Booklist, December 15, 2007
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