Southern United States
An Environmental History
by Donald E. Davis Mark R. Stoll, Series Editor
March 2006, 409pp, 7x10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-85109-780-7
$94, £70, 79€, A135
eBook Available: 978-1-85109-785-2
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It is the land of cavaliers, cotton, magnolias, and Middleton Place. Has this idyllic vision of the antebellum South given way to a land of genetically manufactured crops and pristine golf courses? From King Cotton to the cutting edge of food technology, the environment has always been central to the South’s very identity.

This unique survey of the environmental history of the southern United States explores the ecological, social, and economic interaction between humans and the environment in the South over the last 20,000 years.

The melting of the Ice Age glaciers heralded the arrival of the Archaic peoples in the South and the lives of the South’s peoples have long been shaped and challenged by the environment. Conversely, the human impact on the South’s landscape has been dramatic, from the mound building of Native Americans to the construction of cities and the birth of modern industry.

Part of ABC-CLIO’s Nature and Human Societies series, Southern United States: An Environmental History explores the historical and ecological dimensions of human interaction with the environment throughout Southern history. Examining diverse issues from the impact of the end of the Ice Age to the consequences of the U.S. space program for Florida’s environment, this invaluable guide synthesizes literature from a wide range of authoritative sources to provide a fascinating guide to the South’s environment.


  • Illustrations, including maps, and first-hand accounts of the southern landscape from early travel writers
  • A chronology listing key individuals, events, and movements in the environmental history of the South
Donald E. Davis is associate professor of sociology at Dalton Sate College in Dalton, GA. A Fulbright Scholar, he is currently in Romania studying the environmental history of the Carpathians. His published works include Where There Are Mountains: An Environmental History of the Southern Appalachians and Ecophilosophy: A Field Guide to the Literature.
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