Human Evolution
A Guide to the Debates
by Brian Regal
November 2004, 357pp, 7x10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-85109-418-9
$94, £70, 79€, A135
eBook Available: 978-1-85109-423-3
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Many of the controversies surrounding theories of human evolution play out, not in the arena of “science versus religion” but within the field itself. Competing interpretations of evolution have always led to conflicting ideas. The “evolution” of evolutionary theory is itself a story filled with intense debates, fascinating personalities, intellectual wrong turns, outright hoaxes, and serendipitous breakthroughs.

A fascinating and wide-ranging look at the controversies surrounding the search for the origins of the human species.

Written for those new to the subject, Human Evolution: A Guide to the Debates presents the remarkable history of our understanding of human origins as it developed from the 1800s to the present. Most works on this topic focus narrowly on one individual, theory, or debate. In contrast, Human Evolution draws from a wide range of sources to offer a fully rounded portrait of the entire field.

The chapters of the book follow a basic chronological order covering the issues, personalities, and discoveries that are central to the questions and controversies surrounding human evolution. The coverage draws from a wide range of associated topics and examines not only controversies of a religious nature but also those that have little to do with religion, allowing readers to weigh the information, come to their own conclusions, and even begin their own debates.


  • Chronologically and geographically organized, progressing region by region, beginning with the 19th century
  • Includes an annotated "further reading" section at the end of each chapter
Brian Regal teaches American history and history of science at TCI College of Technology in New York, NY. His published works include Henry Fairfield Osborn: Race and the Search for the Origins of Man.


"This book is very well written and difficult to put down. It really excels for its comprehensive coverage of the subject."—American Reference Books Annual, January 1, 2006
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