Jack the Ripper
An Encyclopedia
by John J. Eddleston
October 2001, 304pp, 7x10
1 volume, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-1-57607-414-5
$94, £70, 79€, A135
eBook Available: 978-1-57607-547-0
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The legacy of Jack the Ripper fascinates and horrifies us even today. Who was Jack the Ripper? That question has been the focus of at least 100 books, 40 films, countless articles, and a half-dozen websites since this famous serial killer began murdering London prostitutes more than a century ago.

A detailed and meticulously researched encyclopedia on all aspects of Jack the Ripper, one of the world's most famous, and mysterious, serial killers.

The encyclopedia includes a list of more than 100 witnesses and what each one saw, descriptions of the locations where the murders took place and the police officers involved in the investigations, contemporary newspaper accounts, and psychological profiles and physical descriptions of The Ripper. In the final chapter, John J. Eddleston, author of numerous books and articles on crime, reveals his own deductions about “whodunnit,” narrowing the list of suspects to one man.


  • 450+ entries arranged around themes such as suspects, victims, police, myths, and errors
  • Verbatim accounts of eight important letters written at the times of the murders that may be genuine, or that other writers have claimed to be genuine
  • A timeline of the era of Jack the Ripper, beginning with a poisoning in 1887 and ending with the writing of the Littlechild letter in 1913
  • 12 maps detailing the location of each murder
  • Numerous photographs including explicit postmortem photos of many of the victims attributed to Jack the Ripper
John Eddleston is a professional writer and the author of numerous articles and six crime books, including Murderous Tyneside and Murderous Sussex.
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