World Religions
Belief, Culture, and Controversy
August 2011, ABC-CLIO, ABC-CLIO Databases

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The diversity of faiths and beliefs in human experience makes the study of religion uniquely enchanting. It is also immeasurably valuable, enabling a deeper understanding of why people behave as they do and how religion has historically defined societies worldwide.

World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy spans more than 50 religions practiced throughout the world, both those that have flourished and those that have disappeared. Important figures, core beliefs, customs and practices, celebrations and holidays, momentous events, significant and sacred places, and more accompany descriptions of the essence of each religion, and daily updates and additions aid researchers in their examination of the continuously metamorphosing role of religion. This database was created under the advisory oversight of J. Gordon Melton, PhD, author of more than 40 scholarly texts and reference books on religion, and a Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Institute for Religious Studies at Baylor University in Texas.


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"The World Religions Website is a remarkable tool that will give students a new appreciation for the role religion has in shaping history, politics, and society as a whole. They will be able to see how various religions interconnect as well as where there are distinct differences between them. The use of clearly written essays, topics that promote debate and critical thinking, and an abundance of photographs will appeal to students from the middle grades up. This site should be considered by all types of libraries and libraries are encouraged to take advantage of the publisher's free trial offer to see if this site will be worthwhile in their library."—ARBA, January 1, 2013

"The school edition of ABC-CLIO’s World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy does double duty as a research resource and a teaching tool. . . . The database interface is clean, appealing, and intuitive. . . . This product offers authoritative and objective information and should be accessible to researchers in ninth grade and up. The additional teacher-friendly features broaden its appeal and create additional justifications (and possible funding sources). Recommended for high-school and public library collections."—Booklist, March 1, 2012


• Buddhism
• Mahayana
• Theravada
• Vajrayana
• Islam
• Ismaili Islam
• Shia
• Sufism
• Sunni
Traditional Religions
• Traditional Religions
• Africa
• Americas
• Europe
• Egypt and Near East
• Greco–Roman
• Christianity
• Catholicism
• Eastern Orthodox
• Mormonism
• Protestantism
• Judaism
• Hasidism
• Conservative Judaism
• Orthodox Judaism
• Reform Judaism
Western Esotericism
• Western Esotericism
• Astrology
• Gnosticism
• Spiritualism
• Wicca
Chinese Religions
• Chinese Religions
• Confucianism
• Daoism
New Religions
• New Religions
• Scientology
• Unification Church
• Unbelief
• Agnosticism
• Atheism
• Humanism
• Hinduism
• Shaivism
• Shaktism
• Vaishnavism
• Smarta Tradition
• Shinto
• Sect Shinto
• Shrine Shinto
Other Faiths and Beliefs
• Other Faiths and Beliefs
• Baha'i Faith
• Jainism
• Sikhism
• Zoroastrianism


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