Storytelling for Young Adults
A Guide to Tales for Teens, 2nd Edition
by Gail de Vos
June 2003, 224pp, 6x9
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Hardcover: 978-1-56308-903-9
$40, £30, 34€, A58
eBook Available: 978-0-313-05340-5
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Discover tales that teens love to hear and perform. This guide suggests hundreds of smart, colorful tales, complete with brief plot summaries and bibliographic information.

This annotated bibliography of stories for young adults-containing both reprints and original retellings- from around the world and throughout the ages, is the new second edition of the best selling Storytelling for Young Adults. Hundreds of story suggestions are organized by theme within broad genre categories: Tales of the Fantastic, Tales of the Folk, Tales of Life, Tales of the Spirit, Tales of Laughter, and Tales of the Arts and Sciences. Each section contains commentary, guidelines, and a bibliography of resources; sample ready-to-tell tales are also included. Indexed by author, title, and subject-including curriculum connections, this guide will be helpful to storytellers, school and public librarians, and teachers working with young adults, as well as to the teens themselves.

De Vos also shares proven techniques for choosing the right story, introducing the story to teenagers, and making the storytelling experience memorable. An essential resource for educators who work with teens. Grades 7-12.


A resourceful and inspiring tool for educators at the 7th - 12th grade Vos makes storytelling readily available to educators in this helpful book....Gail de Vos does a superb job supplying the teen educator with all the tools needed for using storytelling in the classroom. De Vos aids the teen educator in many ways through her work; she takes the reader through the art of storytelling, provides the reader with a summary and publications information on countless tales in many different categories, provides almost fifty pages of ready-to-tell-tales, and organizes all the information in a title index, author index, and theme index. Whether the teacher is a passionate storyteller or brand-new teller, he or she should not miss the opportunity to read, own, and use this fantastic book to bring smart and colorful stories into the teen classroom.—Texas Speech Communication Journal, 00/00/00

This updated manual has been given an attractive, modern cover; the writing is more accessible; and the use of more appealing fonts, sidebars, and bullets makes the text much easier to understand....This is a real gem for anyone working with teens.—School Library Journal, 00/00/00

An indispensable tool for anyone interested in working with this age group.—Booklist/Professional Reading, 00/00/00

This is the kind of must volume that truly belongs on every story lover's shelf, and there is enough and more than enough in here to please every type of teller....For anyone who works with young adults in any capacity, be it as a techer, librarian, camp counselor, or other group leader, this book will be an absolute godsend when and if a story session rears its glorious narrative head. It will enchant, entertain, instruct and illuminate for story lovers everywhere the wonderful, magical and grand world of the storyteller's art.—Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, 00/00/00

De Vos shares proven techniques for choosing the right story, introducing the story to teenagers, and making the storytelling experience memorable. ^IStorytelling for Young Adults^R is an essential resource for storytellers and would-be storytellers, as well as for librarians and educators who work with teens.—, 00/00/00

The strength of this text is that the author has been storytelling with teens for fifteen years, so the recommended stories have the force of being tried and true with this age group. In addition, useful features can be found, such as a chart with stories behind the days of the week. It will be helpful for the beginning storyteller in choosing material, particularly in the school setting, and for educators who are trying to find popular stories for the teen audience.—VOYA, 00/00/00

"Storytelling for Young Adults is an incredibly valuable addition to the storytelling literature, and it will make a useful addition to a school library media center’s reference collection, particularly if the media specialist wants to try sharing stories with teens. The stories included here are, indeed, well chosen for their appeal to adolescents."—Journal of Folklore Research, January 16, 2012
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