Read On...Science Fiction
Reading Lists for Every Taste
by Steven A. Torres-Roman
August 2010, 252pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
1 volume, Libraries Unlimited

Paperback: 978-1-59158-769-9
$40, £30, 34€, A58

Science fiction opens new worlds, new possibilities, and new paradigms of thought to its readers and to society as a whole. It enables us to dream beyond our limitations and explore ways to make those dreams reality. No wonder its fans are legion and its outpouring of titles so copious.

Read On...Science Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste offers excellent recommendations for everyone interested in the genre, from the newest explorers making their first forays to the most experienced and adventurous readers.

Read On…Science Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste is for new science fiction readers looking for a place to start exploring the genre, as well as for long-time fans who want to delve in deeper. It is also for besieged librarians who need to recommend books to their demanding and deserving patrons, create displays or book lists for their web sites, or embark upon a genre study.

The guide covers a broad spectrum of science fiction titles, organizing books into lists designed to appeal to a variety of reading tastes. Whether a reader wants to explore the final frontier, experience life after a global apocalypse, or is in the mood for an old-school, rockets-and-rayguns adventure, Read On…Science Fiction can recommend just the right titles. The book spans the genre’s time stream, including classics like Frankenstein as well as the latest bestsellers. From Golden Age authors to the sociopolitical titles of the New Wave and the latest in the Transhumanist science fiction subgenre, this enjoyable guide offers something for every reader.


  • Original annotations on hundreds of books
  • A brief history of science fiction
Steven Torres-Roman holds an MA in English and an MLS. He is currently the teen librarian at the DeKalb Public Library in DeKalb, IL. He won the Lawrence W. Towner award from the Illinois Humanities Council for his program "Heroes @ Your Library" and his work with teens using graphic novels. This is his first book.
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