World Literature in Spanish
An Encyclopedia
by Maureen Ihrie and Salvador A. Oropesa, Editors
October 2011, 1294pp, 7x10
3 volumes, ABC-CLIO

Hardcover: 978-0-313-33770-3
$385, £286, 321€, A550
eBook Available: 978-0-313-08083-8
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There are approximately 400 million native Spanish-speaking people worldwide. Due to the number of nations and different cultures across the globe that have used this language over the last millennium, Spanish-language literature is quite diverse and is responsible for many significant and distinguished contributions to world civilization.

Containing roughly 850 entries about Spanish-language literature throughout the world, this expansive work provides coverage of the varied countries, ethnicities, time periods, literary movements, and genres of these writings.

Providing a thorough introduction to Spanish-language literature worldwide and across time is a tall order. However, World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia contains roughly 850 entries on both major and minor authors, themes, genres, and topics of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the present day, affording an amazingly comprehensive reference collection in a single work.

This encyclopedia describes the growing diversity within national borders, the increasing interdependence among nations, and the myriad impacts of Spanish literature across the globe. All countries that produce literature in Spanish in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia are represented, covering both canonical authors and emerging contemporary writers and trends. Underrepresented writings—such as texts by women writers, queer and Afro-Hispanic texts, children’s literature, and works on relevant but less studied topics such as sports and nationalism—also appear. While writings throughout the centuries are covered, those of the 20th and 21st centuries receive special consideration.


  • Contains roughly 850 A–Z entries related to Spanish-language literature and related topics throughout the world, from the Middle Ages up to the present day
  • Includes contributions from nearly 200 scholars from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Provides bibliographies containing major English-language print reference works, free electronic sources with peer-reviewed information, major academic websites, and well-established electronic journals
  • Contains an extended glossary of literary and cultural terms such as "subaltern" and basic cultural features of Hispanic society, such as "el barrio" and "Negrismo"
  • Includes a chronological appendix containing entries organized by date
Maureen Ihrie is associate professor of Spanish at Elon University, Elon, NC. Her published works include coediting Greenwood's The Feminist Encyclopedia of Spanish Literature and Dictionary of the Literature of the Iberian Peninsula.

Salvador A. Oropesa is full professor of Spanish and American ethnic studies at Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. His published works include The Contemporáneos Group: Rewriting Mexico in the Thirties and Forties and La Novelística de Antonio Muñoz Molina: Sociedad Civil y Literatura Lúdica.


"This solid reference work contributes a uniquely original reference to our profession. Students who are on their way to serious scholarship will find its entries to be authoritative introductions to a wide array of topics, and these entries will suggest multiple leads to more detailed material."—Hispania, April 1, 2013

"This encyclopedia would be extremely valuable for introductory Spanish or world literature classes, both in high schools and universities. Summing Up: Highly recommended."—Choice, March 1, 2012

"Overall, this accurate, inclusive, and accessible encyclopedia provides a fairly comprehensive outline of the field of Spanish-language writing; for libraries with advanced or specialist interests."—Library Journal, February 1, 2012
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