Animal Oppression and Capitalism
by David Nibert, Editor Art by Sue Coe
September 2017, 644pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
2 volumes, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-5073-8
$180, £134, 156€, A244
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-5074-5
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For centuries, the capitalist-driven oppression of animals has been deeply entangled with the oppression of humans—and that entanglement continues to this day.

This important two-volume set unapologetically documents how capitalism results in the oppression of animals ranging from fish and chickens to dogs, elephants, and kangaroos as well as in environmental destruction, vital resource depletion, and climate change.

Most traditional narratives portray humanity’s use of other animals as natural and necessary for human social development and present the idea that capitalism is generally a positive force in the world. But is this worldview accurate, or just a convenient, easy-to-accept way to ignore what is really happening—a systematic oppression of animals that simultaneously results in environmental destruction and places insurmountable obstacles in the path to a sustainable and peaceful future?

David Nibert’s Animal Oppression and Capitalism is a timely two-volume set that calls into question the capitalist system at a point in human history when inequality and the imbalance in the distribution of wealth are growing domestically and internationally. Expert contributors show why the oppression of animals—particularly the use of other animals as food—is increasingly being linked to unfavorable climate change and the depletion of fresh water and other vital resources. Readers will also learn about the tragic connections between the production of animal products and global hunger and expanded regional violence and warfare, and they will understand how many common human health problems—including heart attacks, strokes, and various forms of cancer—develop as a result of consuming animal products.


  • Explains how abolishing the oppression of animals will bring to an end the suffering of billions of sentient creatures throughout the world, greatly improve human health, and help turn back the rapid advance of climate change
  • Connects the daily processes of capitalism to tremendous levels of pain, misery, and fear experienced by animals as well as humans
  • Documents the ways in which many animals are biologically engineered for profitable exploitation
David Nibert, a former tenant organizer and community activist, is an award-winning writer and professor at Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH, where he teaches courses on animals and society, global change, and social stratification. He is the author of Hitting the Lottery Jackpot: State Governments and the Taxing of Dreams; Animal Rights/Human Rights: Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation; Animal Oppression & Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict; and numerous book chapters and journal articles. He co-organized the section on Animals and Society in the American Sociological Association. His research interests include the historical and contemporary entanglement of the oppression of humans and other animals.


"This collection of essays from an international community of stellar scholar-activists in Critical Animal Studies is nothing less than a shock to our present ways of being with animals. Each chapter reveals, with extraordinary clarity and force, new, unbearable insights into how capitalism works through animal and human bodies, with disastrous effects on both. Collectively, the contributions show that the congruency between capitalism and speciesism is an urgent problem of global proportions, but they also form a powerful counter-movement of their own—a movement we all need to join in order to transform the condition of animals in the 21st century."—Helena Pedersen, Associate Professor in Education, University of Gothenburg and Author of Animals in Schools: Processes and Strategies in Human-Animal Education

“Mainstream theorists of colonialism and capitalism have consistently omitted other animals from their analyses. This volume offers a much-needed corrective—emphasizing the systemic exploitation of other animals as internal to these structural projects and making clear that the urgent task of moving humanity beyond global capitalism is inescapably tied to dismantling the animal-industrial complex.”—Dr. Richard Twine, Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, Edge Hill University, UK

“Capitalist systems of value and exchange have had a devastating effect on nonhuman animals. However, to date, only a limited number of scholars have focused on what capitalism means for animals. The essays in these two volumes help to correct this imbalance, offering readers diverse perspectives on the relationship between anthropocentricism and capitalism and tracking the violent effects of capitalist relations for trillions of animals globally.”— Dr. Dinesh Joseph Wadiwel, Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney

"David Nibert does an outstanding job in putting together one of the most important texts in the animal liberation movement, Animal Oppression and Capitalism. This scholarly book brings together diverse voices from different perspectives for the goal of animal liberation, social justice, and to smash capitalism. If you have not read Nibert's work and you care about social justice and animal liberation, you are missing out and do not understand the full picture of critical animal studies and total liberation."—Anthony J. Nocella II, Cofounder and Executive Director, Institute for Critical Animal Studies
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