Encyclopedia of Sex and Sexuality
Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture
by Heather L. Armstrong, Editor
March 2021, 859pp, 7x10
2 volumes, Greenwood

Hardcover: 978-1-61069-874-0
$204, £152, 176€, A276
eBook Available: 978-1-61069-875-7
Please contact your preferred eBook vendor for pricing.

While researchers like Alfred Kinsey laid a foundation of knowledge about modern human sexual behavior, current perspectives on sex and sexuality continue to evolve along with our society.

Providing a comprehensive framework for the broad subject of human sexuality, this two-volume set offers a context of historical development, scientific discovery, and sociopolitical and sociocultural movements.

The broad topic of sex—encompassing subjects as varied as sexuality, sexual and gender identity, abortion, and such crimes as sexual assault—is one of the most controversial in American society today. This two-volume encyclopedic set provides readers with more than 450 entries on the subject, offering a comprehensive overview of major sexuality issues in American and global culture.

Themes that run throughout the volumes include sexual health and reproduction, sexual identity and orientation, sexual behaviors and expression, the history of sex and sexology, and sex and society. Entries cover a breadth of subjects, such as the major contributors to the field of sexology; the biological, psychological, and cultural dimensions of sex and sexuality; and how the modern-day political climate and the government play a major role in determining attitudes and beliefs about sex. Written in clear, jargon-free language, this set is ideal for students as well as general readers.


  • Explores the important yet often controversial nature of human sexuality through a carefully curated selection of entries that provide clear yet sensitive coverage of the topic
  • Includes a thorough treatment of the understanding of sexual behaviors in individuals and relationships that contextualizes models of sexuality related to contemporary lifestyles
  • Defines common terms related to sexual and gender identity as well as their application to the modern-day understanding of sexual behavior
  • Further readings sections at the end of each entry guide readers toward additional information
Dr. Heather L. Armstrong is lecturer (assistant professor) in sexual health at the University of Southampton. Her research focuses on improving sexual health and well-being, especially for sexual- and gender-minority individuals. She has a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Ottawa and completed postdoctoral fellowships at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the University of British Columbia at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.
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