The Electronic Church in the Digital Age
Cultural Impacts of Evangelical Mass Media
by Mark Ward Sr., Editor
November 2015, 611pp, 6 1/8x9 1/4
2 volumes, Praeger

Hardcover: 978-1-4408-2990-1
$144, £107, 120€, A206
eBook Available: 978-1-4408-2991-8
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Studies show that more Christians turn to media instead of church for worship.

This two-volume set investigates the evangelical presence in America as experienced through digital media, examining current evangelical ideologies regarding education, politics, family, and government.

Evangelical broadcasting has greatly expanded its footprint in the digital age. This informative text acquaints readers with how the electronic church of today spreads its message through Internet podcasts, social networking, religious radio programs, and televised sermons; how mass media forms the institution’s modern identity; and what the future of the industry holds as mobile church apps, Christian-based video games, and online worship become the norm.

The work—split into two volumes—reveals the ways that the Christian broadcast community affects evangelical traditions and influences American society in general. Volume 1 explores how electronic media shapes today’s Christian subculture, while the second volume describes how the electronic church impacts the wider American culture, analyzing what key figures in evangelical mass media are saying about today’s religious, political, economic, and social issues. The set concludes by addressing criticism about religious media and the prospects of American public discourse to accomodate both secular and religious voices.


  • Compares and contrasts evangelical media across time and across platforms
  • Provides insight into the influence of the electronic church in the digital age
  • Documents the reach of the electronic church through radio, TV, and digital media
  • Reports what evangelical mass media is saying about today's key issues
  • Considers how voices within religious mass media persuade or dissuade the American public with their discourse
Mark Ward Sr., PhD, is assistant professor of communication at the University of Houston-Victoria. His published works include two histories of religious broadcasting and numerous scholarly articles on evangelical culture and media. He serves on the boards of the Journal of Communication and Religion and the Religious Communication Association, which recently honored him with its Article of the Year Award. He received his doctorate from Clemson University.
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