Problem-Based Learning: Activities to Motivate Independent Thinking

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Problem-solving skills are required by most standards, but often they are elusive in practice. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) offers an exciting, student-centered method of developing this critical skill set. With PBL, students recognize real-world problems, investigate them, and identify and analyze innovative solutions. Join Jacquelyn Whiting and Dee Lanier to learn practical approaches to combine design thinking with game-based activities across disciplines and grade levels. These activities will work both in person and in a remote-learning environment to inspire intellectual independence, engage students with their world, and place them at the center of their learning journeys.

Join us to learn more about:

  • The PBL approach and how it can be applied to strengthen inquiry skills, critical thinking, and independent problem solving.
  • Game-based strategies that can be applied and adapted across the curriculum and across disciplines and grade levels.
  • Solve in Time®️, Dee Lanier’s game-based approach to design thinking and problem solving, and how to make it accessible for students from late elementary through high school.

Make sure to participate in the webinar’s central activity by adding to this Jamboard: “What Problems do our Students Face?”

Download the Webinar Handout

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