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Highlights from School Library Connection
Evolving Practice. Engaging Learners.


5 Ways to Proactively Assist Your School Community to Ensure Learning Continues How do you continue to ensure information access during school shutdowns?


The Path to Empathy Two librarians create innovative new ways to show students the power of compassionate action.


The Magic Word Is “Research”: How Librarians Become Problem Solvers With the right research strategies, librarians can find new ways to build their school communities.


6 Tips for Personalized Learning in a Blended Learning Environment Learn how to vary your virtual instruction and place students at the center of their own learning experience!


Why Graphic Novels? Five Practices to Transform Your Library Register to learn how graphic novels can be used in your library to renovate traditional practices, promote readership, and ignite collaboration!

Highlights from ABC-CLIO Databases
Top 4 Posts from 2020

Investigate Activity

When Superpowers Collide: Investigating the Origins of the Cold War Give students a look behind the iron curtain.

Investigate Activity

The Marriage of Mass Media and Politics From FDR’s Fireside Chats to Donald Trump’s tweets, presidents often use mass media to reach the public.

Research List

Understanding Fake News This research list explores the history of questionable reporting, from the sensational, to the misleading, to the downright untrue.


Defining Moments of the 1960s Counterculture Use this timeline to introduce your students to the individuals, ideas, and movements that fueled the 1960s counterculture.


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