Librarians and the Lost Art of Self-Care

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Information Expert. Advice Giver. Reference Superhero. The role of the librarian can be hard to define, considering how many hats they wear and the many ways they help students, teachers, and researchers.

As a group, librarians share a number of characteristics: their commitment to helping others, their ability to manage multiple complex projects … and the way they hold themselves to notably high standards.

It’s not hard to imagine that, whether working on site or remotely, librarians may not always take time to engage in some self-care. Luckily, education specialist Kesha S. Valentine has some advice for the folks who devote so much of their personal and professional energy to helping their schools and communities. In her School Librarian Connection article “Be Kind to Yourself,” Valentine helps librarians maintain a healthy sense of balance at work, from goal-setting and managing to-do lists to advice for preparing and ending each day. Kick-off your celebration of School Library Month by remembering to celebrate yourself!

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