“Is That Fair Use?”: Copyright in Schools, Conferences, and Publications

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Do the words “permission” and “copyright” make you squirm?

As educators and content creators, we often rely on the images, soundbites, and written words of others to bring our lessons, presentations, and articles to life. Although we may have a grasp on rights for most of the materials we use with students, some can still elude us (what do we do with sheet music and art, for example?). Understanding how fair use applies (or doesn’t!) when communicating our ideas outside of the school building can also be tricky, especially when it comes to the content we present at conferences and the articles we’re readying for publication. Join librarian Alyssa Mandel and our very own editorial operations specialist Erin Ryan for a frank conversation on the nitty gritty ins and outs of copyright; tailored for public, elementary and secondary, and academic librarians, as well as other educators navigating the world of copyright.

Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about:

  • Fair use and its limitations  
  • How to identify and utilize public domain sources and materials
  • How to locate copyright holders and send out effective requests, what to expect when requesting permissions, and how best to follow up 
  • Sourcing and how to locate preferred source citations for public domain and copyrighted works
  • Creative commons and how to interpret licenses, especially since some do not allow for commercial republishing

Download the Webinar Handout and this handy Fair Use Infographic summarizing the four key factors for evaluating fair use discussed in the webinar. Plus, don’t miss our Bonus Q&A with webinar presenter Erin Ryan!

This webinar is designed to provide accurate information regarding the application of copyright law for educators. Nothing in the webinar is intended to constitute legal advice. If legal advice is required, the reader should consult a licensed attorney. Neither ABC-CLIO, LLC, nor the presenters makes any warranties or representations concerning the information contained in this webinar or the use to which it is put.

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