Inventions in American History

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Whether you’re looking for a STEM twist to your American history curriculum or practical inspiration for next year’s National History Day theme, invention is an endlessly fascinating subject for our students. In fact, the history of the United States runs parallel to the history of modern invention, from the 18th-century tinkering of Benjamin Franklin to the society-wide breakthroughs of the First and Second Industrial Revolution.

For an unbeatable reference guide to American invention from the colonial era to the 21st century, look no further than ABC-CLIO’s Technical Innovation in American History: An Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, by Rosanne Welch and Peg A. Lamphier.

Inventions covered in this three-volume set include:

  • Thomas Jefferson’s Wheel Cypher
  • Papermaking machine
  • Morse code
  • Telegraph
  • Linotype machine
  • Typewriter and QWERTY
  • American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Bell Telephone Laboratories
  • Portable Transistor Radio
  • Facebook
  • Virtual Reality
  • And many more!

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