Han Dynasty Liubo Board and Pieces, 1st century BCE–1st century CE

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Bell Ringer Overview
The routine “What makes you say that?” asks students to describe something and then support their interpretation with evidence. In most cases, the routine takes the shape of a whole class or group conversation and helps ground students in the lesson or topic.

Student Action
Display the image to the class or print a hard copy for students. Ask them to examine the image and then reply to the prompts below.

1. What is this?

2. What is it used for?

3. What do you see that makes you think that?

After students record their answers, facilitate an exchange so that ideas are shared. You can share more information with the class about the object to spur further insight.

· Liubo was a popular game in Han China.

· Two players gamble with dice, counters, gaming pieces, and a detailed board.

· Share where the Han dyansty was located on a map.

Suggested Scaffolds:

· Ask students to perform this in pairs or triads.

· Annotate some aspects of the image.

· Provide options for students to select from.

Connecting History to the Present/Conceptually
Once students come to consensus, ask students to analyze their thinking a bit more. What can we learn about a society based on the objects we look at? What would be an equivalent to the object in our society? What information does that contemporary object provide about the present?