The Fight against Book Bans: Perspectives from the School Library

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Book bans and challenges frequently make the news, but when the reporting ends, how do we put them in context? This webinar brings together school and youth library professionals Jamie M. Gregory, Kelly Mayfield, and Kristin Pekoll, contributors to the upcoming The Fight against Book Bans, in a roundtable conversation moderated by the book’s editor Shannon Oltmann. They will share their views regarding the recent flood of book challenges across the United States, reflect on first-hand accounts of facing book challenges, dig into the importance of intellectual freedom in the library, and offer guidance on responding to challenges in your communities.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn about:

  • The significance of intellectual freedom to school libraries
  • How different librarians have responded to challenges 
  • Strategies to respond to challenges in your library

Download the Webinar Handout

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