Inclusive Collections: A Frank Conversation about Diversity in Library Resources

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What prevents us from creating inclusive collections? Building collections that are inclusive with representation of diverse voices provides authentic stories that share the wealth and richness of other cultures, lived experiences, and traditions.

Auditing libraries is vital work and ensures that stories captured within the collection create positive views, showcase many perspectives, and celebrate what makes all humans unique. School librarians serve as gatekeepers and must connect patrons to a variety of resources.

Join Nancy Jo Lambert and Lesley Roane for this important discussion and a wealth of resources you can use right away in your collection development.

Join us to:

  • Examine common biases and soft censorship at play in libraries that might impact inclusive collection development
  • Discover concrete steps to evaluate your collection and tools for conducting a diversity audit
  • Receive curated resources to engage with diverse titles to add to your collection pre-K–12

Download the Webinar Handout