Delivering Curriculum and Strengthening Connections Online

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Most teachers and librarians can relate to the feeling of “first day” jitters when a new school year begins. But for elementary school librarian and School Library Connection columnist Tom Bober, a fresh round of apprehension surfaced mid-year as he approached a new first day of school: online school, that is.

For Bober, the transition to online education was about reaffirming a sense of connection in his school community: helping teachers connect with students and helping students connect with course materials. In many ways, supporting these connections is a cornerstone of a librarian’s job—and Bober found ways to not only maintain those connections online, but strengthen them.

Read Bober’s article, “The Homebound Librarian: Connecting and Delivering Curriculum in a New Environment,for tips on how to help your school continue on a productive path while moving online and to make sure everyone feels connected.

And for more advice on ways to continue effective library services in a remote environment, check out the latest advice from Dara, SLC’s expert librarian advisor, in response to one reader’s question: “Dear Dara: How Do I Provide Library Services under Covid-19?”

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