Critical Thinking Never Goes Out of Style

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Whether they’re called upon to summarize new ideas from a textbook chapter, interpret images they see on Instagram, or analyze an article they discover online, students benefit from building the key critical thinking skills that enable them to critically examine the world around them—no matter how much social distancing they’re being asked to do.

Now is a great time to help your students continue honing their critical thinking skills, especially while they’re learning outside your physical classroom. That’s why we’re hosting FREE webinars in April to give you a tour of ABC-CLIO’s Academic Success Corner, featuring student-facing video series on the subjects of Critical Thinking, Writing, Reading, Researching, and more.

Learn how you can integrate this fun video content into your own curriculum, and help students take even more ownership of their schoolwork.

This webinar is the latest installment in ABC-CLIO’s “20 in 2020 Webinar Series,” a free video series providing you and your students with quick tips and support as your class and library explore upcoming research and curriculum topics. Click here to learn more about ABC-CLIO’s databases and how they can support your curriculum, planning, professional development, and student learning goals.

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