What on Earth Is a Daguerreotype?

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Here’s an interest-catching activity your students will love: display the image of the black box on the left, and lead them in a Jeopardy! lightning round with the simple question, “What is this?”

 First, quiz yourself:

a. A telescope
b. A telephone
c. A camera
d. A music box

The correct answer is B – a telephone. As bizarre as it looks to the modern viewer, this “box telephone” was operated by speaking into and listening through the hole in the front.

It’s hard to believe that this dull black box is the distant ancestor of modern smartphones. But in fact, many of the technologies we use to communicate every day are rooted in ingenious and unusual 19th century innovations—from the telegraph to the daguerreotype!

To learn about these inventions and more, tour the early history of communications technology with this reference article on Communication Revolutions of the 19th Century:

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